Eve V (2021) Keyboard Dock Concept

I have used the Brydge 12.3 Pro keyboard with my V for over a year, and it’s good for having a more traditional laptop experience when you need it, but there are a few compromises. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard, so it may lag at times and you need to turn it on every time you want to use it. It only grips your tablet on the front and the back, so it slips sideways and it comes out too easily. The plastic keyboard does not feel premium and it scratches easily. It is very light, so the V makes the whole thing very top heavy. It is very thin and it only has a single USB C port for charging the keyboard every other month. Since it doesn’t physically connect to the V, it doesn’t give it extra battery life. The keyboard is mostly good except the “T” key doesn’t work very well. I also miss the colorful backlighting and soft Alcantara fabric the V had. This isn’t a review of the Brydge 12.3 Pro, but it gave me the idea of how to improve on it by designing a hard keyboard for the V, for those that would prefer his type to a soft keyboard cover.

How can we make a better one? Here’s a list of features I’d like to have in an alternative keyboard for the V.

-Built specifically for the V
-Wraps around the sides to keep it from slipping out
-Connects to the V via Pogo-pins
-Lag-free typing experience
-Balanced weight distribution
-More ports and less dongles, i.e. HDMI and USB A
-Extra battery life
-RGB backlit keys
-Bluetooth 5.0 for long distance wireless use
-No need to turn it on every time you wake up the V
-Premium look and feel
-High durability and good typing experience

Eve V (2021) keyboard dock


Great project. I suggest usb ports 3.2 or 4.0 .


Totally agree and wish this was a reality. My alcantara keyboard stopped working over a year ago, and it costs too much for me to replace since I got mine during the original Kickstarter. Thought about getting a Brydge, but I am not down with having it be BT only for the price. Would love one that uses the pogo pins to attach with the V, but be able to use it remotely with BT5.0.

The one thing I wonder - why hasn’t there been a laptop with an ergonomic key setup? That would be pretty to see that on a laptop kb!

Otherwise, yeah, I like what I’m seeing! Great suggestion and mockup!


I highly suggest a battery indicator!!! Like a key combination shows some light indication.

I bought this one quite a while ago (I see it’s no longer available).
The only problem I have with it is that the battery indicator is poor - a key combination is supposed to show 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 blinks according to the charge in the battery*, but it actually shows 4 for a long time then suddenly 3 and will quit working.
Otherwise, it is fine. It does not lag even though when I use the V, I mostly do some painting and use the keyboard only here and there to put numbers or letters in and it responds fine all the time.

I intend to use it with the new V (it’s only BT). I did not order a V keyboard this time.


i like it lets do it - i also bought a few early V’s and have had keyboards die and used a Brydge (its ok but agree with all Techmos comments and would love a docking one


If I may suggest, maybe an integrated graphics similar to the surface book series? I don’t know if there is a patent or such on that design, but it would be useful to have. Just a small suggestion however


Personally I wouldn’t use this as I would use a full mechanical one if I was not going to use the standard EVE V keyboard (just personal preference).
But in this concept here are a couple thoughts.

  • Completely agree with adt a battery level indicator would be great!
  • It could integrate a USB-C cable that is just long enough to connect into one of the ports (90 degree) on the EVE V2 and be hardwired into the keyboard (maybe a channel on the side or bottom of the keyboard to store it when not in use?).
  • BT5.x I agree would be a must.
  • Battery for charging the V2 (see comment above about the USB-C integrated cable for this).
  • I don’t think speakers would be a good option as their quality probably wouldn’t be better than the V2s (again personal preference).
  • It should be able to act as a traditional docking station (again dependant on that integrated USB-C cable). This would allow charging, displays, maybe ethernet (see HPs concept for a minimal ethernet port), external sound connectivity (but maybe not as the V2 has it already shrug).
  • For structure it may be worth taking the back outside edges of the brackets and extending them to 3" (estimate) for stability while using the touchscreen still.

If I think of anything else I’ll post it but those are things that would be great in a dedicated keyboard/charge/dock unit.


It has to be connected to one of the thunderbolt pins to add more functionality than typing. That Pogo port is basically a USB 2 - and not capable of much. So maybe it needs an extra connection.



I added a Thunderbolt 4 cable connection, battery level indicator LEDs, an ethernet port, longer supports, and GTX 1660 Ti dedicated graphics.

Eve V (2020) keyboard dock 1.1


Something to consider: LTT did a review on the Alienware with a custom Cherry Mechanical KB in it, and Linus was surprised. More Obvious BS from Dell?? - Alienware M17 with Cherry Mechanical Keyboard - YouTube

I personally use the SteelSeries Apex Pro, myself, and the electrical adjustability of the resistance of the keys is a great feature for me, so incorporating this into a KB might be an alternative to consider for a mechanical.

As I don’t have an actual V to play with, I can’t say much more about a proposed KB, but I like what you’ve incorporated thus far. My only question: Why HDMI 2.0 and not 2.1? Is this proposed KB going to be compatible with both V OG and v gen 2?


Update: Added another TB 4 port, Changed HDMI 2.0 to 2.1, updated USB C port to 2.1 with 240W of power delivery. Keyboard is now an ultra low profile one with Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Eve V (2021) keyboard dock 1.2