Eve V 2021 Drivers -Where are you?

For us that wanted to install a fresh copy of Windows 10/11 on our systems can we at least please get a list of drivers downloads that originally were imaged. I know I only asked 6 days ago but it’s kind of ridiculous we don’t have the ability to install drivers for a product that literally was awaiting shipment for 3 months. I can understand a delivery delay and even a delay on Windows 11 drivers but there is no reason we shouldn’t have a list of Windows 10 drivers available from the factory imaging available NOW. I had to reinstall an OS cause whatever ghost image used at the factory was listing the NVMe drive model incorrectly along with lag in the system (Someone needs to QC the factory image more) Now the system runs ok with no audio and having to source drivers from hardware ID to have a mediocre experience. It’s a shame after such a wait I received it and I praise the hardware quality but the software/support is next to nothing.

@justplainluck There are a few threads about this now. Eve is still “testing” them before they are available for download. I made the mistake of doing a clean install and have been fighting driver issues for days.

Hey @justplainluck and @New_Guy_Here

I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and when we have the drivers for you all to download, me or another team member will update you all as soon as possible!

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Where is the website that is listed in the Quick Start Guide Dough - Power your passion

Hey @rharmour

The link should be working now and at the moment will just simply bring you to the V product page :slight_smile:

@Aethel I don’t think you understood the question. I will re-phrase for clarity.

Why is the website that was LITERALLY PRINTED in the quick start guide not working. In order for that site to be printed on the literature that was packaged with my V the website should have been completed/tested/live BEFORE the V shipped!

What seems to be the problem here? Please provide a detailed explanation as to why EVE is holding the drivers for our devices hostage. I also ask that you don’t bother giving us the “Ukraine” story. I feel for the activity taking place there but the V itself, the website and the drivers should have been completed before any wartime activities began.

I was extremely patient and remained silent for the 13 months that it took to get my device but the lack of a functional support website and drivers is inexcusable.

Lastly, A link is NOT “working” unless it takes you to the INTENDED page. If a link takes you anywhere other than the properly intended destination it’s BROKEN. Much like the EVE V without access to drivers. Case in point, my 6 year old Lenovo tablet outperforms my brand new EVE V due to drivers. I waited 13 months for a device that is painfully slow to use, simply because EVE cannot be bother to finish a webpage :frowning:

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Hey @New_Guy_Here

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and our team is actively working on being able to provide these drivers to you all. I thank you for the patience you have had with us and I understand your frustration you are having with us. We will update you when the drivers are out!

As for the link, the intended destination is the redirect to the product page at the moment.

@Aethel I can only envy those who already have their EVE V2. I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t have drivers for W11, I plan to install linux on it.
Since I haven’t received EVE V2 yet, I can only assume that it comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. Furthermore, I assume that Windows 10 has working drivers. It’s true?

Hey @volnyvtak

Yes, it does come with windows 10 pre-installed! For the moment though, this seemed to help users with drivers until they are officially released :slight_smile: