Eve V (2021) Driver Downloads

Thank you, Brendon. Much appreciated.

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Hi guys,

This is correct. At least for now, this is the temporary solution until we can get the drivers up on the website. It has been brought up to the team and we are currently working on it.


@Cas Is there a reason the support website could not be finished during the months we were waiting for our devices? I have not built a website in many years, but I guarantee I could put something together in that timeframe. Beyond that, is there a reason the drivers cannot be uploaded to a standard FTP site? I don’t need a fancy web interface, but I REALLY need access to the drivers.


Hi @New_Guy_Here,

The reason why it is not up yet is not on the website itself - but the actual driver package files.

We are still compiling the files and need to check if they are actually working. At the same time, we also need to make sure that they can run on Windows 11.

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@Cas That still does not explain why the drivers are not available. They were installed in the system image that was used to clone the devices, thus you have them somewhere!

You should not be “testing” drivers that were shipped with our systems. That was a QC activity that took place already.

So, @ReignDespair said over a year ago that:

but you only now checking that the drivers run on Windows 11? Shouldn’t the drivers have been tested before making this statement?

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Any update on an expected release date for the drivers? Neither Wacom or HDI compliant touch screen showing up in device manager, so I can’t uninstall and scan for hardware changes. However, touchscreen working fine in linux, so it’s clearly not a hardware problem.

Hi there,

We are still working on it! We will make another update once the drivers are ready to be downloaded from our website.


@Cas How about providing a timeline? I’m starting to lose patience with EVE.

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Wow! A full seven days later and not a peep from the EVE… I want to say “support team” but let’s be honest. They have not provided support once throughout this entire process.

I have never been more frustrated and ultimately let down by a company. I wanted to believe that with support from people like us that EVE could shake up the marketplace if not unseat the current king.

Hey @New_Guy_Here

I am sorry that you feel you have been let down by us. We are continuing to work diligently on improving the experience you all have with us as a whole! The team is still currently working on the drivers and when we have the drivers or an update we will update you all!

If you run into an issue that you think may be driver related, please refer to the solution provided above! Thank you for your patience as I know this has been less than ideal.

It is good to hear that you guys are working on it. But do you know roughly how long it will take?

Eve (now Dough, WTF?) V 2021 Manufactured by Emdoor!

Funny thing is, I can’t actually see it listed on their website. But it’d be good for Dough to check on what this video is about. I know in China copyright laws work a bit differently, so maybe they think they can get away with making and selling their own V (2021)?


You may not access to this thread (from May 2017). So, I’ll post the content (from Konstantinos, “Dough co-founder”) here:

Hi Community!

In our industry it is common to hide suppliers and manufacturers. As you know transparency is one of our core values and we think it is great if you could know what other people are involved in the project apart from our team.

In this post I would like to Introduce you our manufacturer and development partner Emdoor.

Here is the link to their web page


This guys are one of the leading Chinese ODMs (Original design manufacturers). They have produced for Lenovos, Chuwis and Cubes of this world.

Why have we chosen Emdoor instead of Foxconn or Pegatron?

We believe that you can’t beat competition by using same suppliers:) So we decided to partner with an ambitious Chinese company that is led by passionate people.

Additionally our strategies perfectly align. Emdoor would like to focus on “high-end” devices but tradionl retail customers and brands are not interested in producing top notch devices. So Eve was a very good match!

FYI, Pegatron and Foxconn are suppliers for Apple and Microsoft :slight_smile:

What do guys at Emdoor do?

They help us to create a mass producible flagship device. They have a lot of experience in electrical engineering and mass production. Also they help us source some of the components using their established supply chain.

Here are some of the most active guys who helped to create V and push it to production (when screens arrive :blush: )

In summary, Eve/Dough don’t make anything - they are designers. They use Emdoor to manufacture their equipment. Emdoor also sell these products directly to the Chinese market, using the store-front “x-station”. Their store is here:

It’s interesting that Emdoor/X-station have a very different philosophy than Eve/Dough:

  • They only sell what they can manufacture and not “future projects” (that’s why they only sell the 4K spectrum and not the other variants).
  • They ship when they state, but if they fail to do so, they offer some form of compensation, such as free cables with the monitor.
  • They ship much faster

If you’d ordered the V2 from X-Station, you would have received it a year ago (they started shipping in the summer 2021)

Also, they provide a proper support site including a full set of drivers, as I linked in my earlier message in this thread. When I said that the V2 that they sell is identical - I really mean identical - the only difference, I would expect, is that it comes with a Chinese version of Windows.

When you look at the X-Station website, it also gives an indication of Eve’s markup. For example, Emdoor sell the 4k Spectrum for $450. Eve/Dough charges $975. While things are generally cheaper in China, that’s quite a markup!

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I knew that they used a 3rd party (Emdoor) to manufacture what they designed. That’s not in question here.

What I was surprised by was that Emddor/X-Station is allowed to sell the product under their own name or through a different store front.

I can’t use their driver package anyway as it requires a login and I’m not about to go creating an account to get driver downloads.

I am in the same boat, can’t get the driver because you need to create an account for download. And you can’t create an account unless you have a Chinese cellphone number. Can someone who has access to the drivers share it on Google Drive or something with the rest of us?

But yet we still can’t get drivers. 6+ weeks later after I installed windows 11 and still have no audio……unreal. At least make me semi hopeful to find software/firmware support through another manufacturer of this is truly just a rebrand.

Have you checked to see if you have a device that’s missing a driver for your audio? When I installed Win11 I still had sound afterwards.