Eve V 2.0 Concept Design

Designed in Adobe Illustrator. Would you use it as your daily driver? How can it be improved? Is this a worthy successor to the Eve V? Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll be updating this when I think of something to change or add to the design.


Looks interesting but it is too thick. Like really very thick.


It’s based off my Eve V and Brydge keyboard. The thickness of the V w/keyboard is 3/4 of an inch or about 1.5 cm. Together they weigh about 3.5 lbs or 1.6 kg. If it could be made thinner and lighter but still be able to work and support the tablet, that would be great.

I’d honestly prefer a clamshell 360° hinge design. Personally a big fan of ThinkPads so I’d be basing my design off of that. I’d also steal the trackpad button placement from one. The trackpoint is also a must-have.

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perhaps this could enhance yout design-idea:

I really think it is time to do the kickstand an other way then the mainstream.

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I’m always afraid of the amount of pressure the keyboard hinge would assert on the glass and eventually cause it to crack. I’ve seen it before with the Brydge keyboards

I’ve been consistently using the Brydge keyboard for Surface Pro (Black) for about a month and so far there hasn’t been any cracking or backlight bleed from the pressure. I open and close it regularly with the keyboard attached and besides the rubber sliding a bit from time to time, it works really well. Magnets in the hinges and on the sides of the tablet could keep it In place. My only gripes about the Brydge keyboard is that it doesn’t fit the Eve V perfectly, though that I because it was made for the Surface Pro, the trackpad is a bit small, it is a magnet for oily fingerprints (which an oleophobic coating would fix), and that it lags sometimes, but that’s due to it using Bluetooth to connect. If it were to use pogo pins or some other physical connector (something very durable and reliable) it would have very low input lag and would conserve battery. It already lasts about a month without recharging, so it would last quite a long time. In this design the keyboard would also be able to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth for those who need it.

This is an interesting design, I like the rounded corners like on the iPhone X. Would files be able to be transferred between two devices faster than email, flash drive, or USB? How would the two devices stand up once they are connected? What is the benefit of using two devices rather than connecting to an external monitor? The reverse hinge is a good idea, though it must be made thicker and the mechanism needs to be extremely strong to support the tablet’s weight. perhaps it will need a secondary hinge that could fold down with it to act as a bracer. It would definitely make it stand apart from the crowd with this design!


Take a Look at My concepts läßt Image. It Shows on the left side the opened kickstand when using one device and on the right you can See the opened kickstand when used in connnected Mode. Because then the kickstand ist rotated 90 degrees it needs to have this Trapezoid Form.

Ah, I see. It’s got a trapezoidal kickstand that opens in reverse so that when two devices are connected, you rotate them and have both kickstands out to support it. I like it even better now. I still don’t see me using two devices at once and if I want a bigger screen I’d use an external monitor, but perhaps there are some people who would benefit from a device such as this.

Now I think the concept design is complete. I moved the speakers on the tablet to the front, added another view to show the thin bezels, and rounded the corners of the screen. I don’t know if it’s possible to use all four speakers at once, but the audio should be much better if they are firing toward the user. I guess if someone was using the tablet’s bluetooth keyboard from a distance, the speakers on them would be useful. The headphone jack also has a built in DAC I think, which should carry over to the next device. Realistically, if Eve were to make another device, they wouldn’t go back to the drawing board. They’d take the V and expand upon it, making it even better. It’s not really going to be a new device, but an iteration of the V. Justvlike how the Surface got better with every new generation, so will the V. In my design, it’s basically if you took the Surface Pro X and a Razer Blade and made a hybrid laptop/tablet. I made the bezels half as thick, the keyboard more like a Brydge, added speakers to the keyboard, the chassis would have flat sides and top, the display would stay the same or be an OLED panel with rounded corners, and everything would have an oleophobic coating to minimize smudges and fingerprints. I really hope a lot of people like this design, and maybe it will be a real product. This is my idea of the perfect 2-in-1, but others might come up with features and designs I’d never think of.

Rounded corners would not work with Window’s UI Since you’ll end up cropping certain parts of said UI. if it was iOS or Android sure. What the iPad Pro achieves with said rounded corners is the uniformity of the bezels which makes it pleasing to look at.

The new Dell XPS 13’s have tiny bezels with a front facing camera + IR Camera so if Eve can some how engineer them to be similar to that then I don’t see the difficulty with the bezel size.

I’m not a fan of the keyboard being similar to Brydge’s though.

The Surface Pro X has front facing speakers but placed on the sides of the device where the bezels are the slimmest. Given how the side bezels of the Pro X is slimmer than the iPad Pro’s, The front facing speakers probably could work.

Yeah, I like the look of rounded corners on the screen but they do become impractical with Windows’ UI, I hadn’t thought of that. What parts of the Brydge-like keyboard do you like or don’t like? Is there a different keyboard design that would work better?

There, fixed it. Back to regular squared corners. Perhaps someday in the future when Microsoft puts rounded corners on their devices, they’ll have an option to change the UI to fit it.

Perhaps an extreme small radius will work. You will Get an decent rounded Look without loosing Ui Information.

Alternatively we will find a way to “extend” the ui by Firmware, so it always Shows the whole Information in the rectangle Screen , And for example repeats or inverts the last 50 Pixel (when radius is 50pixels) to Look as fantastic in the rounded corners.

I added Windows Hello facial recognition to the micro webcam, Killer Wireless antennas w/WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, changed processor to Intel i7-1065G7 w/Iris Pro graphics, it would use Windows 10 Home or Pro as OS. I made the trackpad wider, added a GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger for quick charging, Sapphire glass for the best screen protection, active stylus w/4096 pressure] levels and tilt detection that can be stored in a slot in the keyboard that also charges the active stylus. Fixed some inconsistencies in the drawings. This is probably as good as it gets. For me this is a list of all the things that I’d personally want in a 2-in-1 device. Do you agree? Would you pick this design over another? Did I miss anything?

Design should be better than all the 2-in-1’s listed here.

This is what i meant. Perhaps we achive a way to do this:
it would be the first windows-PC with rounded borders…

screen all
screen all wincows screen
screen all  screen extension

No Solution without challenge :wink:

If it were easy to implement, I could bring back the slightly rounded display. It would be awesome if we were the first to do it on a Windows device! I was also thinking about adding LTE or 5G with an SIM slot so that people can always be connected to the internet.

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I think those bezels would be too small for holding a tablet in your hands. You need something you can grab with your thumbs, right?