Eve V - 10 days in (Update: INSANE DRIVER UPDATE!)

EVE V – 3 days in
Wednesday was an amazing day. I was harassed by my family and friends that this device will never arrive. But now, It’s finally here. I have the feeling I was the first one, who get it in Germany (Wednesday 12 am). I’m not an expert but I wanted to share my first impressions on the Eve V i5 256GB. I will copy the structure by @anon99772972 :wink:
Please excuse my bad english, I’m not really used to write.

The Screen:
It’s the most beautiful screen I have ever seen before. It was a joy to watch some netflix last evening and I just do not want to stop to look on this screen. I use the “darker” brightness option because any of the other feels like this LotR-moment when Aragorn thinks about gandalfs words “Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East.” I hope you understand that overwhelming feeling :smiley:
The touchscreen is working fine and I have no concerns regarding this (except palm recognition).

The Keyboard:
The good thing: the hub is deep and comfortable. Key-cap finishing is smooth. I like the QWERTZ-Layout (German), because the arrow keys get enough space, just like the enter-key. The backlight is working but it’s looking a bit weird. When I turn it on, (maybe it’s a matter of the angle but I did not experience this before) I just see a backlight at the first two rows next to the screen an on the left and right side.
The last laptop I used was a 13" MBP from mid 2010, so it was time to go on. But the backlighting looked better at the MBP.

The typing experience
My first tought was horrible. I try to describe it: when you hit the keycaps at the corner you have to press them against a small resistance to go into the housing. This results in noise and double-recognitions liikkee tthhiiss, which is, in my opinion, a no-go. I hope, that there will be some surface deterioration solving this problem. I just can’t type fast without making a lot of mistakes. Maybe I could upload a video if you want. The trackpad is small, but nice. Sometimes when I’m scrolling it happens that I zoom in or out at the website. This is annoying. The speed and acceleration could be tweaked. I changed the touchpad settings and now its just fine.
I set the cursor speed to 7/10 and the touchpad-sensitiveness to high sensitivity.

Bluetooth& WLAN:

Brilliant! Nothing more to say at this point.

Pen Functionality:
I was at the university yesterday and my prof. started a mind-map. I thought “yesss” and opened OneNote and tried to copy it. Before I continue - the overall pen functionality is very good, the latency is ok. No lags or anything. I wasn’t able to copy the mind-map. If you try to write like it’s a normal sheet of paper it’s not working. The touchscreen destroys this. The pen have to be very close to the display so that the touchscreen turns off. When I lift the pen, my palm automatically pushes the document in some direction. Here is an example: I write a sentence, which exceeds one “row”. When I move my hand from right to left with the pen in my hand, to continue writing in the second row my palm is activating the touchscreen which results in moving something in the document or touching the task bar. Highlighting documents worked fine. Also browsing through websites or menus.

The Sleeve:

Looks good! One point that I have to say is, that the clip of the pen is damaging the housing of the V. I already have small scratches at the fingerprint sensor.

The accessories:

I took me about 30 minutes to find my name on the poster ^^ - I am a HEB (first 500) and I thought my name is on the inside of the V carton too. But it isn’t, so I was searching another 30 minutes.

The charger works just fine. One thing I have to criticize is - why the heck do I order a second charger and Eve does not include the AC-Adapters? I just can’t use it now what makes me really angry. If I lose my AC-Adapter and my cable I’m going to order a new one at the website. After delivery I see - oh no adapter for the EU. This should be fixed (or maybe they forgot it in my case).

The Sound:
First thought: oh my god. After tweaking sound in the realtek settings, it’s ok. But you can’t compare it to other devices like the MBP.

The overall design& unboxing experience

The design is incredible! I got so many compliments yesterday like “what is this? Can I touch it? Where do I get it?” This was a nice feelig :grin: The touch& feel of the core device is just perfect, some could say even sexy. I like to touch the V and I just can’t stop.

Unboxing was a joy, after I released the first strip and noticed the appearing slogan you totally got me. Feels like a premium product.


Well done on a good effort to give us such detailed feedback, and congratulations.


What about the power button? :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the review! As for the keyboard issue it mentioned. Let us know how it evolves over time! Message us in support if anything! After all keyboard is not so hard to replace:D


Thanks Konstantinos for everything you did for us! Appreciate it mate! The power button needs some work though :stuck_out_tongue:

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The wake-function of the power button is quiet perfect. After 10 times you know exactly where to lay your finger - 0.1 seconds and I am back to work. Recognition is fast. The lock-function needs some force, most of the time I hold the tablet with my left hand and I push my finger against the power button. The tactile feedback of the volume-buttons is 100% perfect. I can lock the device with one finger but sometimes I’m pushing the device a small distance. The resistance could be less (the volume-buttons rise up more than the power button, maybe this could be tweaked but I’m not an expert).


About the palm rejection. I think for those that would like to work a lot with the pen. Use some kind of glove, like http://www.dokiwear.com/ (first one I could find). I’ve seen a lot of artists use them on cintiq’s and the like.


What are your sound tweaks like, care to share a picture? Thanks!

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This made my day.
:joy: :joy: :joy:


This is quite concerning, note taking with the pen during lectures was my main reason for ordering. Hopefully there will be a fix for this…


What about the + and # keys? I use them a lot (coding), since they are smaller then the rest: is typing on them ok?

Of course! I just use the sound effect “Live” in the Realtek-Software. It’s a small tweak but the effect is huge :wink:




to be honest: my fingers are quite big. Sometimes I pushed Ä instead of '.


This doesn’t make any sense, indeed. Has that been overseen by you guys that users need adapter for every charger or was it a packaging mistake?

@Team I ordered two extra chargers. Does this mean I won’t be able to use them because I won’t have the correct additional EU adapter plugs for them?


I don’t know much about pen functionality but was looking forward to using it. Do you think using the Surface Pro pen would solve all of the problems or does it work best only with a Surface Pro?


I found out that for some reason, disabling and then re-enabling palm rejection almost completely solved issues with my hand, so maybe give that a try.


Great ratings guys. Thank’s for the Tipps. I’m looking forward to my V all the more!

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If I had a Surface Pro Pen I could try it. But first I’ll try the hint from @anon99772972


This is our bad. We did not ship adapter set for Vs by mistake. We are working on the fix asap, sorry for that. It’s best if you report it to our support!


Hmm I’m trying to visualise this and can’t quite imagine why your hand would be near the touch pad when using the pen.

When I used to use the pen on my surface, I’d always fold the keyboard behind the screen and lay it flat on the table. Using the pen whilst the screen is upright I always found too difficult to use accurately.