EVE TV or Computer monitor

I saw someone say they think EVE should make a TV i though I start a thread for it

IF eve did make a TV I would want to see Google cast function built in or android TV
Connection on TV to have Bluetooth, hdmi, display port, eathernet, optical audio and USB and coaxial cable imput
it connections as it picture here http://us.toshiba.com/images/showcase/products/tv/39L22U-ports.jpg

Would need to be 4k with HDR at least and wifi with good HDMI-CEC setup


A tv would be cool, however with Eve catering to potential buyers around the world, logistically it may be a sku nightmare for a company of their size due to

HD standards
OTA standards
Format -ntsc/pal etc
Connectivity standards (scart vs HDMI vs component vs rca vs coax etc)

I’m sure though It would be a really awesome looking tv however!


Eve TV is really good idea.
Eve is company/comunity that likes good sound quality (four speakers - in V).
Eve is company/comunity that likes excellent display quality (Sharp display with best performance - in V).
Eve is company/comunity that makes right decisions about ports and housing (tounderbolt and great design - present in V).

In my opinion Eve TV has a huge potention to make something really different. Something that make a sense.


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The smart TV market would need a punch for sure, but i think the largest gap is the sw, you can have a super spec tv, but it is useless with current smart TV OS (implementations) and apps…
I mean Netflix usually works everywhere, but prime, hbo go? (i hate if i have to cast from PC to smart TV as there is no app or the app is not working)… and is there any decent browser optimized for TV layout ?

As for HW, my priority is:
good screen - and i dont mean 4k HDR etc, but quality - no backlight bleeding, colors
CPU with enough power, enough RAM
upgradable ssd
RC with keyboard, touchpad
upgradable 2nd sat tuner (record on 1, watch tv on the 2nd)
ports - you dont need analog anymore, so latest HDMI, USB 3.1, GB ethernet, wifi, BT

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That surely is.
But the hardest software part is the picture processing.
That’s where the TVs still defer the most (even for different TVs from one brand).

Why is there no Surface Hub without touchscreen? Win10 is ok as TV OS. Just add a touch remote control (or a smartphone app) and it will work.

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I know it’s not baked in to any TV, but Edge running on my Xbox One S is actually a fairly pleasant experience. The only sucky thing is typing, but that’s more to do with the hardware available than the design of the browser.