Eve-Tech Tested 🔥 🔥 Microsoft Hololens 🔥 🔥

Hello guys!

So today we were visiting mysterious facilities in a neighboring city and suddenly found ourselves on a room that had a couple of Hololenses.

Of course we put them on our heads and started playing around.

What is Hololens?

In case you didn’t know, Hololens is a mixed reality concept device created by Microsoft. It’s the world’s first holographic computer.

It is completely wireless, which is a big difference vs virtual reality glasses, which are not wireless at the moment. It matters, because you can move freely.

You also don’t need a 2000 dollar PC to power it up, unlike high end VR systems such as HTC Vive. Naturally mixed reality and virtual reality are a different thing.

In mixed reality holograms infuse your field of vision mixing virtual stuff in it.


First impressions

The device is very stylish and seems to be well built. There is a tremendous amount of curiosity to turn it on and dive straight to the world of mixed-reality, but we were patient enough to wait Skynet to upload instructions to our cortex.

How to wear Hololens

The back has an adjustable strap which is to be set so that the main weight descends around your head and the nose pads only slightly touch the top of the nose.

How to use Hololens

Behind the device, you’ll find a power button to fire up the system. Its completely wireless and everything you see happens inside it.
You can stream what you see to a PC, within the same wireless network.

That’s what we did

You begin by scanning your surroundings. You scan a room fully so that Hololens can understand how to display holograms on top of various surfaces and shapes.

This makes it possible for Hololens to e.g. display items coming out of a wall in front of you or have zombies dance on a tablet and cool stuff like that. The games were especially well done and I really felt like stuff is coming out through the walls.

To point:
You just have to move your head.

To click:
Tap index finger and thumb together, back of your hand facing the roof (not like I tried to do it at first :D)

To go back / menu:
Hold your place all your fingers together, palm facing upwards, then open all your fingers simultaneously, kinda like a lotus flower opening.

How was it?

We recorded a couple of videos.

Check them out

SKIP TO 0:45 to jump straight to the action!

I failed. :joy:

I had my hand the wrong way around which is NOT the way to click with Hololens. Once I got directions from our kind host and got the jiff of it, though, the aliens got owned.

Hololens gaming & Mike Failing on Vimeo

Very immersive.

The main difference compared to VR is that everything happens in real room. Objects interact with real surfaces and because of a lot of cameras, the device fully understands where you are (its tracks your position in the scanned recreated 3D structure of your surroundings).

Once stuff starts happening, you drift into a mental zone between the real and the virtual world.

Eve having a bit of fun with HoloLens on Vimeo

Its also great fun to interact with gestures.

Hololens is really responsive to gestures and voice command. e.g. you should be able to hear me in the video saying “X-RAY” which enabled me to “see through walls” in the game

To be completely frank, it looks cooler in the video because the holographic display is really early tech and can’t really display as high quality images as a regular display can.



It may still be bulky and low resolution, but if taken as a proof of concept it is truly fascinating tech! Laptops, phones, TVs, etc. can soon all become obsolete. The possibilities of this are just mind boggling :astonished:

Do you also think that we are steps away from a new era?

Yes I do. But its not as close as I thought at first. The tech still needs to mature :slight_smile:


In the first video you can hear Konsta repeating cortana commands a gazillion times in the background (he too had a hololens strapped) and they didnt seem to respond that well…

Anyway, with just an atom cpu and 2gb ram iirc this is incredible stuff. Imagine connecting it to a high end pc! When tethered the only problems are FOV and portability (and probably some minor stuff too) while untethered brings power limitations and more weight (more components to put inside). I’d like to see a phone, pc and xbox (Scorpio??) powering hololens :slight_smile:

There was a lot of noise in the area, but for me it worked well. Also we just jumped right in it and did not read the manual :smiley:


I do applaud MS on making this into a visionary dev kit, vs trying to rush some half-assed product to the market or trying to develop something in the dark, like Magic Leap (another one of those well funded DOAs?) is doing.

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Yeah… at least they didn’t do the same mistake as with Windows 10 :slight_smile:

The HoloLens looks great!! I couldn’t help noticing another device in the videos. Was that someone using the V in the background?:wink:

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