Eve T1 | Where it all began

This post serves to show the current status and history of the T1, a game-changing Windows 8.1 tablet developed by Eve.

Present: The current state of events

The T1 is discontinued and is no longer being sold.

Though only a limited number were manufactured, the T1 was a great success and well-received by customers and press. At this time, the device is no longer being produced or sold.

Product specifications

Microsoft Windows 8.1
Intel Atom Z3735F (1.8GHz quad-core)
32GB storage
8" 1280x800 IPS display with touch
5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
microSD slot
3.5mm audio jack
216x130x9mm, 395g

Past: A history of theT1

December 2013

  • We were completely dissatisfied with all the poorly designed, underperforming and overpriced smart devices available in the market. So we decided to challenge the industry Goliaths and create something they hadn’t — an affordable, good-looking 8“ tablet that had the power to run Windows seamlessly. And with that, Eve was born!

Over the course of 2014

  • We worked with some amazing partners to make our dream a reality and bring a high-value, affordable device to the market.

December 2014

  • When the T1 launched, it received worldwide press and purchases from all over the globe. We proved that a group of people could create a device that rivals the big guys while having fun along the way.

February 2015

  • While we got a lot of great feedback, we noticed people started to pick on particular details and how the device could be improved. What if… Instead of guessing what people want we actually asked them instead? That moment changed everything: the seed was planted for dough.community and Eve’s crowd-developing mindset!