Eve T1 CPU clock dropping


I’m a proud owner of Eve T1 and i’m loving it!

Unfortunately i’ve encountered a problem. My device is running up to date Windows 8.1 with all the applications also up to date.

Problem is with Chrome +YouTube. Whenever i want to watch hd video in Chrome after few minutes (2-3-4) my CPU clock will drop to 0,48GHz and that will make even 720p60fps video unwatchable, choppy, and overall slowness of tablet.

For example when i use metro app “Hyper for YouTube” from Microsoft Store i can watch even 1080p60fps without any problems or slowdowns whatsoever.

I already tried setting Minimal CPU speed in Power Magement options to 100% but it made no difference, slowdown still occurs. Same with PCIe power management in Power Options - turned it off but no difference.

Can you please help me? I know i can use that metro app for youtube but i’d very much prefer to stay with chrome.

Thank you for your time in advance.

P.S. I’ve done all these tests on same YouTube video, if needed i can link it.

Edit (more info): I just tested maximum temperatures with HWMonitor when watching said video in chrome in 1080p60fps. Max is 77 celcius degree on 2 cores and 73 on other 2 and 72 on gpu.

HWMonitor also reported that cpu clocks dropped to 497MHz and gpu clock from 620MHz to 300MHz.

Hello Sir! Sadly, I have not had the opportunity to get a T1.
Try other browsers like Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi, etc. and give us your response. Perhaps it’s an issue with the browser.

It can’t be a browser issue, because the browser doesn’t have any kind of control over CPU frequency.
@elterrible have you tried re-flashing the BIOS? There should be a file laying around somewhere in eve-tech.com
Actually, Chrome is very well known for eating up huge amounts of computer resources, so using a different browser should solve your problem as it would work even with these slow CPU speeds.
I’m not sure how Atom’s thermal throttling works, but there might be a limit somewhere around 80 degrees, which would explain the frequency drop. Could you run some benchmarks like Furmark and see what happens? Look at the temperatures, framerate (how it changes over time), frequency… Your system might even crash during the test, which is not a good sign.

Contradicting statements, don’t you think?

I tested various browsers and there is no difference in what happens, and sometimes it is even worse (for example in firefox).

Already tested with furmark and gpu clock dropped down immediately followed by cpu eventually.

Then i guess that is thermal throttling. Don’t you think it is a bit conservative? Considering that it starts to downclock way before it reaches 80 (about 75-ish) degrees and maximum working temperature or this cpu is 90 degrees.

Is there a way to change those values in bios or simply by modding bios? i can’t check the bios myself because for now i dont have OTG cable to plug in mouse.

Btw i do not see any downloadables for T1 except recovery image and security update. Did you really see bios somewhere pauliunas?

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Not sure if this will definitely work, but check out Process Lasso. It seems to overclock my CPU. My CPU is an i7 2GHz processor, which can go to 2.6GHz on Turbo, but with this program, I sometimes even get 3.1GHz during gaming.
The only problem is that it displays a 10s message to upgrade after restarting.
Worth a shot.
Source: https://bitsum.com/

Nope. Using Chrome explains why video plays faster on Metro app, but it doesn’t explain why the CPU slows down.

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Ah ok. Any thoughts on the application I mentioned?

That’s completely normal. Don’t expect the CPU to push all the way to its limit. The temperature is not so easy to control, so they always leave a margin of error. 10 degrees for that is already pretty good and pretty much pushes the CPU to its limit. If it started throttling only at 85 degrees for example, it could very quickly jump to 90 and crash everything. It would be unsafe. However, I don’t think it’s normal that such light usage results in so much heat.
And for the BIOS, I would contact Eve directly. I’ve also seen some kind of PDF with download links somewhere, but not sure if it’s the right one.
@AntonyTerence first of all, overclocking is only possible on unlocked CPUs, and secondly, overclocking it would result in even worse results because turning on the PC and doing nothing would already result in giant thermal throttling.

I know, but how does clock speed increase then?
I haven’t really noticed a big gain in performance, though. And Process Lasso prevents throttling, I think. My laptop hasn’t got really hotter than before, so I think it won’t fry the tablet.

As an T1 owner, I can tell you that it overheats and slows down due to SOC safety bla bla… IMO, it’s the GPU part that overheats and affects the SOC. I solved my Miracast movie watching problem with the T1 overheating with a bag of frozen peas and the T1 resting on top of it :grin:
P. S. Try the new Opera browser?


Nope. Preventing throttling = skyrocketting the temperature or fan noise. Throttling is designed to keep your device cool and silent, and if you disable it, you will get lots of noise from the fans spinning at full speed, or some devices might become hot and even shut down because the fan can’t keep up.