Eve Studio Monitor (4K 4096X2304 )

A good accessory can be a great complement for the Eve V Tablet.

The surface studio is not capable of using it as a external monitor which is quite a disappointment for a device that cost 3 thousand dollars.

Therefore, if Eve can quickly capitalize on it and produce a more appealing value might be a wise choice.

What do you think? :christmas_tree:

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Team is busy and too close to Christmas. Maybe next year after or with the launch of the dock.

Surface studio isn’t meant to be used as a external monitor so of course it won’t work.

Also the monitor space is really saturated and coming with something that could be profitable is pretty hard


I love the idea. A surface studio dummy powered by eve V or any other device…

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I envision something around 22-25", 4K, that you can ‘dock’ the V (or any other device really) into, and have something like a portable AiO. All that’s needed is the short USB-C cable and a power cable for the monitor.

Of course, you can get a longer USB-C cable if you want to use it as an extended display, but just being able to slide the V into a mount, plug in one cable, and have the whole setup be easy to move around would be great.

You could unplug it and move it somewhere else, and only the display would shut off, the V would remain on battery life until plugged in again. You could also have ports and whatever else in the housing if you needed them.


I don’t know if there’s a market for it, but I know there aren’t any 3:2 monitors. I’d love one, personally.

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No… maybe eve should make a little attachment(dongle) that provides Nvidia gsync to existing 4k tv’s and monitors without Gsync

My own monitor (an old HP LP2475w, which used to be considered oooooh soooo goooood, at the time) is due for an upgrade. Which made me start looking into the monitor market; and here is the thing: what you want from the “dream” monitor is 14bit and wide colour gamut, perfect colour accuracy, high refresh rate (in terms of both ms and Hz) … and a touchscreen. Currently there is probably nothing on the market offering all of the above (let alone at relatively reasonable cost). Photo-video editing monitors will give you satisfy your colour needs, but only NEC offers a high refresh rate (if you can afford to spend 2.5 K or thereabouts). Gaming monitors offer a high refresh rate, but not colour accuracy (or wide gamut). Typically, big touch screens perform poorly in all other respects (maybe Microsoft Studio and Wacom monitors are a partial exception) .

EVE has already forged the necessary business partnerships to build a high end monitor; it already offers individual pre-calibration. There is an empty market niche between 27" (too small) and 32" (to big for most people). The base of the monitor could house a compact egpu (sizewise think of something like this : :[Sonnet Technologies], but with an RX580) and various extra ports.

From a technical point of view I think it is doable; but is it financially viable?

the key question for a number of project ideas/ Good you’ve asked it compared to some who just dream

Okay, let’s hear it.

Hold up - where exactly did you see this 14-bit monitor?

Sorry, I meant 10 bit native, 14bit lut.

Okay - I’m just really curious, what are you going to do with this?

If you’re doing photo-editing, you won’t need high response / refresh rates;

If you’re gaming, perfect colour accuracy is adjacent to the purpose of the screen;

If you’re touching the screen, why the hell do you want it so big?

edit: also, if you’re getting that eGPU, that thing is going to be loud like a mofo.


I do not care about gaming at all; but I do care about minimizing eye strain. Response time, refresh rate, and zero flicker (ie backlight dimming without pwm) are part of the package.

Okay, then this is the only thing you care about - 60hz will be fine.

I mean, you mentioned 27 - 32; clearly you mean 29" (unless you want Eve to invent a panel size lol), so its safe to assume you want a flatscreen and not a honking great CRT right? Then PWM is your only concern, you don’t want PWM, it’ll give you a headache.

edit: f* it - tl;dr:
Your dream monitor is going to be so expensive (you have no idea), inconvenient, and really really loud.

I kid you not, any compromise you can make on this will net you a better deal.

edit edit: wait, you weren’t expecting 4k, were you?

I think I have already mentioned that in my first post :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: - if I settle for two out of four (accurate colours and flicker free) I can have them for less than 700 euros (BenQ SW2700PT), or almost twice that if I go for 32"(benq sw320) which is probably what I will end up getting. The question was whether there is a financially viable niche for EVE in this market, allowing it to offer more for the same or a higher but comparable price.

Oh, sorry - i thought the answer was implied! Afraid not, buddy. Actually i saw one that had your 2 out of 4 (accurate colours and flicker free) for about 350 CAD on newegg just yesterday, the problem is it doesn’t scale that way.

I have an Acer X34 which i think scores decently in all but the touch requirement - and it isn’t 4k - it cost me ~$1000USD 3 years ago, and the price hasn’t dropped much!

You can get a decent monitor for much less than a grand, just go for second best - its still pretty damn good. a 29" 10-bit 2k 75hz flickerfree with 1ms response time is no slog by far - you’d still be hard pressed to find very many people who can game on just that monitor without their computer choking.

tl;dr if you ask me, i really dont think so. i would even go so far as to say its impossible.

Hey actually, i went looking earlier, and i found some pretty decent deals on monitors - no 14-bit and no touchscreen though - if you can give those two up, there are some reeeaaaallly nice sub-$1k monitors to be had.

The Surface Studio would be perfect for you, Though a tad pricey!

Screen: 28” PixelSense™ Display
Resolution: 4500 x 3000 (192 PPI)
Colour settings: sRGB, DCI-P3 and Vivid Colour Profiles, Individually colour calibrated display
Touch: 10 point multi-touch
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Supports Pen and Zero Gravity Hinge

and just a little bit outdated, I would recommend to wait for the next refresh, maybe they even pack some perf. in there next time.

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Have patience grasshopper the update is coming.

Nonetheless, I was merely answering Catonkatonks erroneous claim and wish:-
but I know there aren’t any 3:2 monitors. I’d love one, personally