EVE Stop touching me - Gloves

hey folks out there,

I’m using the V nearly for writing only and the really annoying thing about it, is that onenote is detecting my hand laying there to help my fingers writing with the pen and so onennote thinks, he has to scroll away, because there was a touch input and the pen tip was too far away from the display.

I’ve already tried to wear some antistatic fancy art gloves and their doing their job on every device without a single detection of my hands touching the display… except for the V ^^". At the V it’s like there was never a glove before on my hands…

So for my “job” as a student I would either need a glove out there in the wide world that works with the V and someone can give me the special tip or maybe V could get some gears working to get a producer for this.

I don’t really care about the optic of this, I just want something that works and I don’t have to worry about my hand touching the screen…

Hopefully someday I will get a uncomplicated writing experience, because working with the V and writing without getting troubles with my hands is awesome with this device.

Greetings Shwyne

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Have you tried updating the touch panel driver?

If you’ve not - the latest version of the driver is now available on our support page (as I finally finished reworking that…)
Version 1.1.1 should fix most issues when not connected to the AC - internally we’re looking into a 1.2 version that does improve the accuracy further when connected to the AC - but that’s still needing a bit of time in the oven to properly bake (and then we test the delicious pie and bake a new one)


It seems that not all digital artist gloves are made equal. My V still recognises touches through my Huion Cura CR-01 Artist Glove – not always, but often enough to be annoying. No trouble at all when using my DokiWear Mazo V2 Pro CG Art Glove, though. It’s got more heavy-duty padding in the most common contact areas (tip of the ring finger and along the sides of the pinky and palm).

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Must be all the hair interfering with the gloves. :grinning:

Makes sense. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: