EVE Spectrum x Razer

I would be excited to see Eve and there Spectrum 1440p 240hz monitor collaborate with Razer and there Razer chroma RGB lighting ecosystem. Maybe Chroma lighting built into the back of the monitor so i glows off the wall. Also, Razer funding eve and getting the word of this small company out there would be huge for both Razer and EVE.

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Razer have their own monitor called the razer raptor, they will in no way collaborate with anyone. It’s the razer ecosystem for a reason. I don’t even know if the spectrum has rgb, in any case there are plenty of more open rgb software that will be more suitable to pair with the monitor like jacknet


Probably a lot of potential buyers in here will be using the new spectrum monitors not just for gaming. The majority of users liked the clean and professional design. The problem with current monitors above 75hz is the „gaming“-Brand and with it the „Transformer“ Design plus lighting that you normally only see on a Christmas tree.
So it’s quite nice that spectrum fills this hole.

Adding Razer support will make the monitors more expensive. There are components which must be added, added thermals and razer probably wants some money for „works with chroma“ :wink:

But there are other ways to add Chroma to your spectrum. Razer offers a „HDK“, which is not a good name for what it does IMHO. you can add some RGB strips on the back of your monitor and connect them via HDK to chroma. After that you can control it via Synapse.


Hey, I resent this insinuation! :joy:

In all seriousness though, I’m a bit of a Razer fanboy, because 1) I like clicky keyboards and precision mice, 2) I love RGB, and 3) I’m a grown-ass adult and really don’t like the “Transformer” aesthetic, as you put it. Razer’s designs are generally really classy and understated compared to most “gaming”-branded hardware. I actually think the Spectrum’s design would fit right in with most of Razer’s product lineup.

That said, I’m pretty ambivalent about OP’s suggestion. Razer-branded products are way overpriced, and if I were going to do RGB backlighting on my monitors I would probably want one of those systems that mirrors the screen content, not something that syncs with my keyboard/mouse RGB.


I have had nothing but issues using Razer products personally. I won’t touch anything associated with them.

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Ditto obviously the OP did not read the main description or target audience for this monitor. The intention of the monitor is supposed to be elegant and understated not to designed as a “Gamer!” monitor. If he wants something similar OP should check Razers Chroma RGB monitor that they sell. Could a moderator close this thread please thanks

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