Eve Spectrum WQHD 240 Hz - same panel as ...?

I found similar LG models
LG 27GN880-B, LG 27GN850-B, LG 27GL850-B, LG 27GP850-B
but they all have 144 Hz IPS panels (and I can not tell all differences between them).
I could not find any WQHD 240 Hz from LG.

=> The model 2 (WQHD 240 Hz) will use the same panel as which brand/model?

(P.S.: Any news on the timeline? Around October “something” will happen is what I know.
EDIT: OK, still on track according to a post by @Lore_Wonder 7d ago.)


I’m looking for a similar ES07D02 Monitor from LG too.

If you find anything let me know.

^ this is a good question.

What supplier is providing the panels of the model 2, if not LG

Last I heard, the 240hz panels were delayed until January, according to this post:

@Lore_Wonder / @ReignDespair

Any update on the above question?

Couple monitor using panel and G-sync Ultimate:
AOC Agon AG274QG
Dell AW2721D

AOC AG274QZP with Freesync

I’m aware of this but Eve have contract with LG to supply them with panels for the Spectrums. They wouldn’t/couldn’t afford to take out another contract with Dell or Agon as LG was their best selling point.

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Just seen in another topic that the 240hz will be come from LG :slight_smile:

Well, bought that monitor in the meantime 2 months ago - for a special occasion price of 306 €. That is exceptional good bang for the buck - top allrounder according to Top 10 Bestenliste 27 Zoll Allround-Monitore - Prad.de

I am still keeping my order up for the Spectrum, but due to the shortage of affordable graphics cards I really wonder, whether I will be able to push my gaming rig above 144 Hz anyway any time soon.