Eve Spectrum scaler issues at 4:3 in CSGO + initial feedback

Hello guys, I just got my monitor today. I am so excited this is my first ever 144hz monitor and the first ever monitor that’s not 60hz lol. Everything looks great, few bugs with OSD but what really bothers me is this weird crosshair (in-game) ghosting I am seeing in CSGO. I play at 4:3 on very low res 1024x768. Is there a way this could be fixed? Does anyone know what’s the issue? Could it be that I am not able to get full 144fps? I tried disabling turbo throttle on my mac and just play full blast for a bit but it’s still there. If I switch to native resolution and 16:9 then it’s not noticeable. Please let me know if anyone has a solution here. Also, I would love for devs to update the joystick so that when you left tap it opens OSD rather than the build-in crosshair. I often find myself wanting to left tap and open OSD based on the fact that The right tap serves as action item. And to add to that, I feel like when you PRESS the OSD button it should act as an ACTION similar to how RIGHT TAP works when you reach a particular setting. Then, you can have either a quick double tap to close OSD or HOLD left and/or LEFT after main menu to close.Thanks!

Also, running latest firmware 104, I noticed the monitor randomly shuts off when in game or when trying to change video settings. Hoping this could get fixed as well!

++ that crosshair splitting - when I first ran the monitor on the macOS side it ran at 30hz and there was this barely visible line splitting the screen like if there were two panels and if you moved something really fest in between, you could really see it glitch a bit like the typography would be off just slightly off. Even moving slowly you would notice it being skewed a bit. Anyways, once I switched over to Windows and tried playing CS, I realized that this same divider must be present here because it’s the same sort of glitch. Hoping someone more technical could piece this together and take a look.

Thanks so much! By the way that poster with names is sick! I have it on my wall next to my audio equipment. My name is on it too. I am so proud!


An idea about the blanking:
You could try to downgrade to 102 with this firmware:

But absolutely no idea about the other problem, but props for playing oldschool in 2021, that’s dedication ! :sunglasses::grin: