Eve Spectrum + Marantz VS3003 HDMI 2.1 Switch

Hi All,

Long shot here but - I’ve got a Marantz VS3003 HDMI 2.1 switch hooked up to my Eve Spectrum (firmware 104) to help with my mix of HDMI devices (PS5, 5950x/3080ti, Nintendo Switch).

Unfortunately I can only get the Eve Spectrum to recognize the input sources if I put the HDMI port into compatibility mode - which I understand limits the refresh rate to 60Hz instead of 120Hz with HDMI 2.1.

Hoping that maybe I’ve missed another setting here, or that worst case the issue (whatever it is!) can be corrected with a new firmware update. Thanks in advance.

HDMI 2.1 Switch:

Reinstall the firmware. Had a similar problem.

Hi @retrobrick,

Have you tried upgrading to version 105 and seeing if you’re able to get 120Hz then?

Updated to firmware 105 today and it made no difference to the situation. I still need to set the HDMI input source to compatibility mode to detect the PlayStation 5 via the Marantz HDMI switch. Whilst this works it limits the refresh rate to 60Hz and not the 120Hz that the PlayStation 5 supports. Any ideas here?

Made no difference :frowning:

Did u enable performance mode on ur PS5?

Or better: Did u use a PC with the monitor and have u tested if the monitor really goes up to 120Hz? If so then the problem is probably not the monitor.

Yes, tried it with Ghostrunner with performance mode (120Hz) set in game and through the PS5 system settings. Never went over 60 according to the Eve counter

Yes have tried it with my PC (5950x/RTX3080ti) and it can hit 4K@144Hz in Cyberpunk 2077 through HDMI 2.1

And u did enable the 120 Hz output in “Screen and Video” settings?
Can the game itself even run 120 Hz?

If both is yes then no other ideas here

Problem solved thanks to @MarvyMarvz - absolute legend!!! The issue was resolved with an additional PS5 system setting that I was not aware of (highlighted in bold for reference). I am sharing the detailed steps provided by Marvin for anyone else running into this.

Interestingly I still needed to set the HDMI port mode on the Spectrum to compatibility mode in order to detect the signal from the HDMI switch. I was under the impression that this mode would not allow 120Hz to be achieved which is not the case at all. It would be good if this mode is documented in a bit more detail so the limitations (if any) are clear when selecting between the two options.

First off, make sure you are using an HDMI 2.1 Cable
-Ensure you are using the PS5 version of a game as that is the only way to achieve 120hz. To do this, in the PlayStation 5 menu, select the game and press the Options button. Select Game Version from the menu, and set it to the PlayStation 5 version of the game if it is not already.
-Navigate to the System Settings menu for your PlayStation 5.
-First, scroll down and select Screen & Video
-Then scroll down to Enable 120 Hz Output and ensure this is switched to Automatic
-Once you have selected Automatic, navigate back to the System Settings
-While in the settings menu, scroll down and select Saved Data and Game/App Settings
-Select Game Presets
-Set the “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode” option to Performance Mode

Once this has been completed, please enter the OSD Settings on the Spectrum, navigate to HDMI Port 1 Mode and then select 2.1.


Problem solved below :slight_smile: