Eve Spectrum i not Glossy! Is a Low Haze Coating!

I pay 100.- surcharge to finally get Glossy Panel
What do I see in the datasheet lowercase

Low haze coating !!!

Real Eve ???

I feel so betrayed.

Hey Economic, welcome to the community.

“low haze coating” actually means that the panel is glossy. The coating is applied in order to make it glossy.

This article actually explains how low haze coating is used in monitors to make them glossy.

Please reach out if you have any additional questions regarding this, I’ll be happy to help you out with them.


Excellent article that explains the difference between plain high gloss panels and low haze semi-gloss panels, as there is a point where the higher gloss panel is worse than the matte one. It’s good to know the panel has the higher contrast and clarity of a high gloss panel, but also has the lower reflectivity of a matte display. So it’s really the best of both! I am excited to see it in person when it ships!