Eve Spectrum has its first real competition

Sony’s Full Array LED monitor (96 zones vs 16 bottom edge kit zones) sorry but I think Eve Spectrum is due for a price cut when Sony is coming out of the gate at the same price ($899 with stand) for a more feature rich display. Time to see what happens from here:


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No Integer Scaling and Backlight Strobing.
Max peak brightness at 600 nits vs Spectrums 750 nits.

It’ll surely be better optimized for PS5, but as we’re so close to Mini-LED, the M9 seems dated.
I expected more from Sony.


I have the new odyssey neo g7. Its a really good monitor.

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“…for a more feature rich display.” I don’t think so.

As well as the lack of features that 8BiTw0LF highlighted, there’s no mention of power output over USB-C either, which was a major feature that encouraged me to buy the Spectrum.
And you talk about the included stand as being positive. In my case, it isn’t, as I have no room for one on my desk.

No power delivery over USB-C either. It’s limited to 5V @ 3A (15W) max, so has enough juice to charge a cellphone and that’s about it.

I’m not a personal fan of the stand either. The middle leg juts out into the desk space, and doesn’t provide any opportunity to hide cables. The angle on the back legs also makes it hard to do anything with cables. The Spectrum’s stand isn’t perfect either because it’s too thin, but at least you can bundle the cables together and have a single drop behind the stand.

This is barely more competition than LG’s 27GP950.

Mmm that sentence is half true. It is true that integer scaling is better if it is integrated into the monitor, but the tool is there on PC. Using Backlight Strobing unfortunately is something niche for few people (it’s a shame honestly because I see it as necessary. There are benefits but it also has disadvantages such as compatibility and reducing the brightness level). 600 nits vs 750 nits is nonsense. I don’t think the difference makes anything. It would be necessary to compare 2 contents in HDR and not SDR. That IF we do not use backlight strobing.

Well, I see that monitor more aimed at the PS5 and other consoles to take advantage of technologies or functions for games. On PC it would still be a very good option but it lacks an sRGB profile (I remember the Hardware Unboxed review correctly The Surprise Champion for 4K HDR Gaming - Sony Inzone M9 Review - YouTube) and I don’t remember what else. I wouldn’t know if we are so close to Mini-LED. First they have to announce more models and that they are for sale of course. And the second thing, I would doubt if the Mini-LED monitors were cheaper than OLED. It is a matter of supply in the market. I wouldn’t say that the Sony monitor is outdated. I say… At least it has Full Array Local Dimming (FALD)! and what other monitors? eh? They’re all fake HDR monitors no matter how much they get junk certification from VESA.

We don’t even see native 10-bit monitors without using FRC and the marketing says it’s “the best of the best”. Spectrum has its benefits and the Sony monitor does the same, which one would you choose? Well, yes you are going to spend 900€ for the screen without glossy coating + 100€ for the stand. Well, judge for yourself because the Spectrum 4K has only 16 zones, that is, a strip of LED bulbs at the bottom edge of the screen for illumination. This lighting system used by lower-end LED TVs is the one that achieves shallower blacks among LED televisions. This means that you will suffer a little more when watching especially dark scenes, although in return, the televisions that use this technology are usually the cheapest and most accessible for those who do not want to spend too much money. Both monitors have HDMI 2.1 but the price of Spectrum 4K is hard to justify. I’m very sorry but that’s how it is, no matter how much it hurts someone. If you reserved you bought the 4K model more than 1 or 2 years ago. So yes, it’s a good price. But now the price is horrible, it doesn’t make any sense to sell the stand separately! They are doing the same as Apple :joy: :joy: :joy:


You were not going to buy the Neo G8 model? I’d swear the G7 model doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 because of the leaks. The good thing is that it has Mini-LED and it is 4K 32" as you wanted. I hope you enjoy it a lot my friend :sparkles: :wink:

I went with the neo g7 for 165hz and its cheaper. 4k 240hz model is overkill and gpus currently cant do 4k 240hz on high to ultra settings. both models support hdmi 2.1. eve spectrum input source switching broke both hdmi 2.1 ports on my gpu. i can’t get a visual on my odyssey when using an hdmi cable. i can get a visual with my 4k player using an hdmi cable. my gpu hdmi ports needs to be working in order for me to enable 12bit. display cable can do 10bit only in 4k 120hz rgb.

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I dunno. Full array backlighting makes the Sony one of very few HDMI 2.1 gaming monitors to have actually functional HDR. I’d rather have peak brightness with more zones and better local dimming than just outright brightness. I literally never use HDR on the Spectrum b/c it’s pointless.

While I understand there are features that the Spectrum has that some people want (integer scaling, backlight strobing, support for USB PD charging), as a gaming monitor the Sony is essentially everything I want.

Am I willing to spending another $900 for full array / local dimming and likely avoiding some of the persistent annoyances of the Spectrum (slow source switching)? mmm…not sure. but i’m thinking about it.

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It’s a shame but good. If you are happy with the Samsung Neo G7, the truth is that I am happy for you. Man… I would tell you that going for 4K 240 Hz because it supports DSC over HDMI 2.1 would be fully functional and also, there are games (albeit few) that are less demanding or that are as well optimized as Doom Eternal that it would be possible to play at 4K 240 Hz in medium quality. That way, you would be covered in the future and last a very long time until you have the need to change to another monitor. I’m waiting for both the samsung odyssey g8 34" qd-oled and the msi meg 342c qd-oled and well… I’m still here without a monitor :joy: but nothing happens. I’ll keep waiting, the truth is that they are taking too long to bring out the Spectrum QHD. Reserve a product that is only a paperlaunch and wait 2 or 3 years + shipping and the price is exorbitant (I think it’s real shit that the 4K model costs a lot. It has a shitty local dimming and on top of that you have to pay extras. Anyway… I don’t see this monitor as niche because there have already been manufacturers that have gone ahead XD). It seems to me a VERY bad deal for the buyer, the only thing that feeds is the hype as well as the patience of the people. The development for the 4K model has already finished 1 year ago, they should have prioritized the QHD model before the 4K glossy one and also delivered the 4K matte model to more customers. I don’t know who makes the decisions but it is hurting them a lot. And when there are more interesting models, they are going to eat Eve’s market. It’s just logical… If they had ensured a better local dimming system and removed the KSF layer, they would have ensured more sales but hey… Another missed opportunity and pay the consequences.

FALD is a big deal - no doubt. But I’ve had the Spectrum for a year now and next year there’s coming some really great panels. M9 seems like a mid-revision of what’s in sight.

When the Backlight strobing + VRR update comes for Spectrum it will again have an edge against other monitors.


Not charging is a real bummer, i love it otherwise. I ordered the Spectrum to use with my PS5 and my MacBook Pro to edit video. Any other recommended monitors that are great at both?

I cancelled my Spectrum order because of all the delays and now even my refund has been delayed due to an “error”.