Eve Spectrum has arrived!

I just recieved my express order of the Spectrum and I am loving the quality of the monitor and stand. Its heavier than it looks.
Glad to see that Eve is bouncing back and is fulfilling people’s orders as soon as they can. Hope to see Eve continue on this success to redeem themselves from their past project. I cant wait to see an OLED Spectrum in the near future which I wont mind buying one of those! Here is some pics.


How many days took from the time that you paid the last balance?

I paid mine last Monday, so I will like to know how many weeks pass in order to get it.

Final payment was May 31st. I paid for express shipping when making the final payment. My shipping label was made on the 23rd. And it was shipped out sunday morning the 26th and I gotten it yesterday Wednesday the 28th.


So it took a month an 23 days to be shipped.

Ok, I will be lucky if I get mine on September.


An eve moderator said all express orders are going out this week. Which was true got my tracking on Sunday. several others also got the same notification that there monitor is going out this week with their express orders. Friday is the last day for express however eve moderator said all remaining orders of express and standard will be shipped out by August 10th. So for standard it’ll be until mid September to receive one unless you try and upgrade to express. I did Express and it was worth it.

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