Eve spectrum back panel redesign for more air flow

I’ve been running the spectrum monitor and I love it. I’m a bit concerned about how warm it gets by touching the back panel and that is with hdr off. I only see holes on the top where the stand connects to. I would like to have a back panel with more holes in the back for better air flow to help decrease the temperature as much as possible. I would like to see more holes be made around the back top panel left and right side on the back. Basically keep the current back panel the same but with a slight redesign. I would like one made so I can purchase one and maybe others might also want a back panel with some more holes on the back for better air flow.


Or maybe just some mounts for fans.
If you can add fans to the bottom of the case, it would get a lot cooler. The main problem is hot air which can’t move.
The problem with most „active“ monitors, are the cheap fans which are not optimised (via firmware) for the different fanspeeds. If you add some Noctua A4x10 with static speed, you won’t most likely hear a thing.

Probably to late because of missing headers on the PCB, but ghetto modding should work.
And I think a read something along the lines of: „if you open the monitor, you lose all warranty“ in the Sheets from Eve.

But I’m on your side, I hate electronics which gets hot and have a shorter livespan, so I’ll probably do something like this later on.
And: If my AMD 6800XT does some work, it’ll go into Helicopter mode, which is louder than any fan :rofl:


Watercooled Spectrum?


Enabling hdr makes it even more warm. Just a small redesign of the same back panel add more holes to the back left, right and some on the top back would be nice. I would make the holes but I might make it look awful or uneven. At least eve have manufactors that can make the extra holes neat and perfect using the same back panel they have instead of ordering completely new back panels. My monitor doesnt make any noise that I can hear. Even with hdr on I dont hear. I wear seinhessier hd 660s so I wont hear much of anything anyways. Only way to cool it down a touch is to decrease the brightness of the monitor. It was default 50. I changed it to 40.

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But those Sennheiser’s are open back you might still be able to hear something :slight_smile:

Proud owner of a 6xx myself and I can hear my PS5 fan complaining at times.

I think a redesigned back panel for better air flow is a good idea.

Would like to add that making it available to us “Gen 1” users by paying a small fee plus shipping and allowing us to replace the backing ourselves would be awesome.

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my pc tower chassis is right next to me and i dont really hear much of the fan noise. ill buy a new back panel for better airflow and keep the gen 1 back panel for backup in case i need it. i dont know maybe 10$ for the back panel and maybe 10$ 2 week shipping.

Did you find a compatible replacement back panel with better air flow?

If so, can you link the replacement back panel you get and how it holds up? I’m for sure interested

No i have not. The back panel is design with the eve spectrum design in mind and how it is clipped on. after doing a software update and reducing brightness to 30. the monitor temps feels better by touch.