EVE Spectrum 4K first impression

I have just received my EVE Spectrum and am checking it out.
I’m very satisfied with the design and performance.There are no missing dots and the panel is of very high quality.
The firmware is still in an unfinished state and many features are not yet available.(Picture-in-picture, Aspect ratio setting, etc.)

The only thing that bothers me is the squealing of the inverter coming from the back of the display.
This noise seems to increase when HDR is turned on, but can be reduced to an unnoticeable level when HDR is turned off.
I think this is one of the most common problems with LCD monitors and not a defect, but what about others? Is there a difference between individuals?

Also, perhaps because of my environment, for some reason I can only output up to 4K60Hz when connected to DisplayPort.
I had been using a DP1.4 cable that was not EVE’s, but since this cable was a cheap one made in China, it could be an inferior product that did not perform to specifications, so I just ordered a new cable.


@Doppel I would check a PC setting or hardware if you were running a 4K display above 60Hz before. I’m also using a non-Eve DP 1.4 cable, but mine is from a LG 27UK650W. I forget if there are DP 1.4 cables that can and cannot do 4K@144Hz. My. prior monitor was running 4K@60Hz. I didn’t have to do any setup. I just plugging the Spectrum into my 2080ti and got 4k@144Hz. Keep asking around, as my case may not be the same as yours.

Thanks for also mentioning that whine noise, I think I noticed this as well when on the desktop in HDR mode, but thought it was from my GPU I’ll keep listening for this. I’m using my Nintendo Switch on the Spectrum right now and don’t hear it.

Running Firmware v.101


Thanks for the feedback, btw: love the modern Nixie Clock :heart_eyes:. I’ve build one with IN-14s.

How loud is the coil whine? I had some problems with whining on my 6800xt, it got a lot quieter after some usage and some hot-cold phases, maybe this will happen too.
If it’s to loud and won’t change, there is always the thermal epoxy way to lower the noise.

Now the Nummer 1 question:
How is gaming at 4k? :grin:
Maybe at you too @Chloe_Rogers, heard the 2080ti should be quite good for gaming :laughing:


I verified again that there is no noise when HDR is off.
When HDR is turned on, there is definitely inverter noise.
If you put your ear close to the display, you can hear it, but if you’re sitting in a chair, the noise is only noticeable to sensitive people.

As for 4K gaming, I haven’t tried most of it yet; my PC is under-spec and I don’t have any games for PS5 right now.
I bought the EVE Spectrum in anticipation of the future. I plan to use it for the next 5 years or more.


Thanks for clarifying. I’m one of these sensitive people so I’ll wait and see. :grin:

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been reading online you get noise based on your brightness. changing the brightness should help reduce the noise level.

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Looks great, love the setup… Wait… Why if your ps5 in the floor? lmfao. But seriously tho whys in on the floor. :thinking::thinking:

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I keep both my PC and PS5 under my desk or on the floor for reasons such as effective use of desk space and to reduce fan noise by keeping them away from my ears.
In Japan, it’s not uncommon to put something on the floor because people take off their shoes in their rooms.


Yeah I’d say there’s a lot of PS5s sitting on people’s floors (including mine!) because they’re too big to fit on people’s desks or in TV cabinets. Luckily it doesn’t intake air bottom in that orientation so hopefully they won’t get too clogged up down there.


Even after changing the DP1.4 cable, I was only able to get up to 4K60Hz.
Apparently, this was the limit of my video card (GeForce GTX1050ti) because it was too low performance.
PC gamers may laugh at me, but please forgive me because my PC is for hobby and work, not for gaming.
I was thinking that if I just wanted to display the Windows desktop, not games, I could output at 4K144Hz.
My goal was to have an HDMI 2.1 compatible display for my PS5, so I am very happy with the Spectrum. Thanks EVE.


damn, I’m also on a 1050TI - it never get’s to its limits while using it with dual monitors (1080p) and e.g. Witcher 3 in highest settings. It rarely even turns its fan on (the passive cooling is awesome).
Now if the 4k144Hz will be too much for it… that would be awefull since gpus are so expensive these days.
Maybe I need to upgrade to a 20xx this year then ><


Yeah PS5 are a bit big for desks, slightly off topic but here is my solution for my sit/stand desk. Just slightly modified a wall mount to fit a VESA mount and put it on its own stand.


@Doppel Strange your PC will not support over 60fps at 4K as the 1050Ti supports DP 1.4 which should do at least 120fps without DSC ( need 20 or 30 series to support DSC). Some monitors have a setting where you can select the DP version (1.2 , 1.4 or 1.4 DSC etc) but I think I read that Eve were going the auto detection route for this instead. It sounds like the Spectrum is incorrectly setting your DP to 1.2 instead of 1.4 which would limit to 60fps at 4K.

Probably worth sending a support ticket to flag it to be fixed in a future firmware update (unless there is a setting you can adjust that is)


In my first post I mentioned that the aspect ratio setting was not working, but apparently this problem only occurs in my environment when using a DisplayPort connection.
I tested the aspect ratio setting with an HDMI connection and found that it works fine.
The EVE Spectrum’s DisplayPort connection has probably not been fully tested yet.
Other people have posted that they are experiencing some problems with the DisplayPort connection.
I hope that the firmware upgrade will fix these issues successfully.

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It is always more dust on the floor, plus you pet can go an sniff it.