Eve Spectrum 4k Defect - Vertical Lines on Screen

Hello Eve,

Happy Holidays! I’m one of the many proud owners of an Eve Spectrum 4k 144Hz monitor. I’ve been enjoying it a lot and have recommended it online & offline to friends & coworkers. Unfortunately last night while I was playing a game on Steam (Guardians of the Galaxy), I noticed two vertical lines appear from top to bottom at the center right of the screen. At first glance I thought it was just the game having issues so I closed the game and was going to restart it but to my horror the vertical lines are still there. I still didn’t panic and thought maybe I just need to turn off then turn back on the screen which I did but the vertical lines are still there. Now I start to panic a little.

Next I did the following:

  • Turn off and turn on again the monitor
  • Change the refresh rate of the monitor from 144Hz to 120Hz to 100Hz… all the way to 60Hz then back to 144Hz
  • Change the resolution of the monitor from 4k to 1440p to 1080p then back to 4k
  • Disabled then Enabled GSYNC
  • Switch between monitor sources from Displayport to HDMI 1 & HDMI 2 then back again to Displayport
  • Finally… I turned off the monitor and waited a whole night hoping when I turn it back on in the morning the issue will go away.

None of the actions above resolved my issue. The vertical lines are still there. I searched online and didn’t find anyone else having this same issue. I can take a video and post it on youtube if you guys really want to see how it looks in motion but I didn’t want to make this too big and discourage other people from buying this monitor. I really love this monitor and I was even planning on pre-ordering the glossy version you guys are considering to release despite having the matte version already but then this happens. There are no scratches or any visible damage on the physical part of the monitor and it has worked well for the first couple of weeks. It was just last night this happened. No matter what I did the vertical lines on the screen won’t go away. I really didn’t want to send this back since I got such a nice display without any backlight bleed or any dead/stuck/bright pixels but those vertical lines on the screen are unacceptable.

I have attached pictures showing the vertical lines defect on this message as well as sent this same request for help to Eve’s email (help@evedevices.com) as well as a picture of the info. on the retail box which includes the model number & serial number. I haven’t gotten a reply yet that’s why I’m posting on the forums now.

At first, I want this monitor replaced but now I would rather opt for a refund then just get the Glossy version when that one is released. If you have any other suggestions that I can do besides from the above I did then please let me know. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me back. Let me know a good email or number I can call to reach you.

I’ll be waiting for your response,



If it’s possible at all, It would be very nice if you guys could have this monitor replaced with the Glossy finish version. I don’t mind waiting a bit and paying a little bit more on the cost. Just please give me a good estimate on when I’ll receive it.

I really appreciate how Eve is innovating and listening to its users. I hope my issue with this monitor will be handled at a satisfactory level. Thank you.

My PC Specs:

Main PC Connected to Displayport:
CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X
GPU: RTX 3090
RAM: 64GB G.Skill Trident Z
OS: Windows 10 with the latest update (as of 12/28/21)

2nd PC Connected to HDMI 2:
CPU: Ryzen 5900HX
GPU: APU Renoir
RAM: 32GB Kingston HyperX
OS: Manjaro Linux with the latest update (as of 12/28/21)

*I tried HDMI 1 also but the vertical lines are still present.

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I had this issue with my first 4K monitor, four years ago. The lines went away when I pinched the red line where the screen connected to the bezel. I had to do this a few times over the course of a week before it became permanently fixed.
I assume that the line was due to a weak connection.

I thought about this too… that it might just be a loose connection. I tried pressing below and even above the monitor screen where the vertical lines defect are located but unfortunately this didn’t fix it for me and I’m afraid to press/pinch it any harder than I would like to 'coz this may make it worse and I have to no patience to keep doing this for a week or so either way… :weary:

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I would not suggest sending anything out until support figures out who is handling their repairs and warranty claims. They sent me the incorrect address and I’ve now paid $140 in shipping charges for no reason, with no reimbursement:


Man… that sucks! The guy that have a flickering issue on his Eve Spectrum 4k monitor had his replaced without any issue and they seem to have even sent his replacement to him even before he can send his monitor back.

You can watch his video here: EVE Spectrum 4K Monitor Issue (ES07D03) - YouTube

Makes me wonder if it makes a difference if we make a youtube video of the defect on how fast and good they respond. I’ll give it a week… max of 2 weeks for them to respond to me with a satisfactory solution… if not… I’m publishing my own youtube video of the defect of this monitor along with posts on several forums. :triumph:

Hey @Xellaz, this is definitely not the out of the box experience we’d like you to have!

You’ve really put a lot of time and effort into not only trying to fix the issue but also documenting what is going wrong and what you have tried. That will definitely help us track down the problem and any available fixes.

I see you’ve emailed help@evedevices.com - have you also created a ticket through the support page? I don’t have access to the help mailbox but if you send me a private message with the details of your order number and ticket number I will touch base with support and see if we can’t get this resolved for you.

I’ll also ask the support team and the prototype testers (and @nkyadav too!) if pinching the screen is a method they would recommend. I have to be honest and say that while @ceebs had a positive result I’d be cautious of trying physically manipulate the screen like that. I’ll keep an open mind though - the Eve Community is pretty awesome and will correct me if I am wrong.

Here is the link for the support page if you need it


Hello @Taalyn

Thanks for replying here! I have sent you a private message with the order number, ticket number, as well as a picture of the serial number & model of the monitor.

If you need any other info. you can just private message me here too or send me an email or call me on the number I provided on the private message. Thanks!

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Update 12.30.21

Just got an email from support agent Kirill. He suggested the following:

“(unplug the monitor, wait at least 5 seconds between unplug and replug + load the factory default settings into the OSD menu)”

I did exactly what he asked but it didn’t help. The vertical lines are still present as you would see on the new pictures I attached. I tried hooking up the monitor on another PC but still same deal… vertical lines still present. Waiting for another reply now… ugh!

Kirill is the person I have been working with and it takes anywhere from 2-7 days to get any reply from him. He’s also the person who gave me the wrong shipping address for the repair center.


@disflux OMG great! Can I choose another support agent? :joy:

And at this point, I would rather just get a refund. I have a lot of spare monitor at home that I can use… including my Acer Predator X27…

This is the first time I have a monitor go bad on me like this… and I had plenty from BenQ, Samsung, HP, Dell, LG, Viewsonic, and Acer.

I’d honestly be just happy for them to let me buy a new monitor at my original preorder price and then credit me $140 for the shipping mistake on their end.

And I can’t even get a response on that.

@disflux Yea that would be nice. For me, I would really like to have mine replaced with glossy version of this monitor and I don’t mind waiting and adding a little bit on the cost if they allow it. Either that or just refund me and I’ll just wait when the glossy version is out then pre-order it.

Sigh… :disappointed:

Just got a message from @hysteroid and he’s having the same exact issue as I am. You can check his post here:


I hope we get this resolved ASAP!

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Update: 01/04/2022

Just got a reply from Kirill asking to provide the following infos. to better investigate my case:

  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • Input source
  • Device model name, PC and notebook configurations
  • Link to the device specs
  • Operating system
  • Graphics card driver version
  • Screen resolution and refresh rate

I have provided all the information that was asked above plus some more. Will wait for another reply.

@disflux I just got another email telling me to RMA my monitor to the following address:

Atan Gtech Technology
727 Phillips Drive, City of Industry
CA 91748 U.S.A.

I remember you mentioning Kirill gave you the wrong address where to RMA the monitor so I just want to confirm with you if this address above is the same one they provided to you or not. I’m getting ready to send my monitor to them.


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That is the address I found on Atan Gtech’s website. Kirill emailed me about 5 minutes ago with that address as well.

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Update 01/11/2022

I have sent the monitor to the address provided by Eve. They also offered to reimburse me the shipping cost of sending it back as long as I provide a picture of the receipt and the tracking number of the package which I did.

Now I wait again…

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Have you gotten any update yet?

Hi everyone and Xellaz,

I just had the exact same issue. Thanks for sharing your experience and all of the info and steps you have gone through. I repeated the same steps and I still have a vertical line running from top to bottom (only one in my case).

I’ve sent an email to the support team with ALL of the information you had to provide. I’ll let everyone know how I get on and how I get treated by the team at Eve.

I’m also a massive supporter and have recommended Eve to countless people, many of which have purchased monitors from Eve based on my recommendation - so hoping they treat a valued customer really well here!! Stay tuned.

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Hi @MattyP,

Once you receive a support ticket from the support team, if you can DM me the number, I’ll try and get this issue resolved for you.

This could be a warranty case but would need the support team to confirm first, before exploring other options. Please don’t forget to send them as much evidence/information as possible.