EVE refund response

This is EVEs response to my order cancelation.

We have canceled your order and initiated your refund. Please allow up to 20 business days for the refund to process.

But as to the pre-order, unfortunately, our payment processor Asiabill refused to process refunds over 180 days as a result it took us a while to figure out a different way to process your refund.

We can issue a gift card that you can use in our store, simply let us know in response to this email.
If you want to get your money back to your bank account, please provide us this info:
Personal information:
Address 2
Email Address
Phone Number

Bank details:
Account Type
Account Number
Bank BSB Code
Bank SWIFT Code

They can’t even refund YOUR money correctly. Totally unacceptable


I work for a payment processing company, and what Eve are saying here is totally understandable.

Refunds for online payments don’t use the card details you provided. Eve likely doesn’t have any way to see what your card details are (and neither should they). Instead, the refund is made against a reference to the original payment, and this allows the card network to send the money back to the card used to make payment.

These references can’t stay “alive” forever and will expire after a certain period. The 180 day timeframe would have been chosen because it’s reasonable that 99% of all refunds will happen within 6 months.

As it’s been more than 6 months, that reference is no longer usable and Eve have no way to put the money back on your card. The best option they have is to send the refund to you via wire transfer, which is why they’re asking for all of these details.

You may not like it, but this is a technical constraint that Eve have no way of controlling. At least they’re trying to give you your money back!


Has anyone actually received a wire back? I have been waiting since December for one, but alas, no.


Hey @ironic77

Can you provide me your order ID so I can have support look into this for you? I apologize for the delay in your refund as that in unacceptable and very long time to have to wait. Will get this looked into by the team asap.


Hello @Aethel, I am also waiting well over two months regarding my refund of two Spectrum monitors which were pre-ordered.

Could you assist me aswell?


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Yes, I will do what I can to assist! Please DM me your order ID

Done! Awaiting your response!

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My previous message seems to have been deleted so i post it again :
i have also been waiting for my refund for 3 months now

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Much like when others ask the very same question, I can only imagine that those who have received their refunds haven’t bothered looking back on these forums and if they do, they might not bother to respond as they have no means of reassuring DOUGHs current or future customers



I canceled my order and got my confirmation from the EVE support team on July 06th, 20 working days have passed a long time ago. I still don’t have my money back; I checked my Visa Card account several times, and I am still missing my refund.

I am quite frustrated about this refund process and from my point of view it’s not very professional. You clearly stated “within 20 working days” as the expected timeline for the refund. This is a commitment towards your customer so please progress the refund as soon as possible and meet your commitments. New name, old behavior.

Summarizing the facts:

  • Confirmation of order cancellation communicated by EVE customer service on July 06th

  • EVE customer service clearly communicated that the refund will be processed within 20 working days

  • Until today (October 17th) I did not receive my refund.

  • I was asking for an update regarding my refund however no satisfying answer was provided. The answer is basically everytime the same, no clear timeline or commitment given.

Do we have to go to court in order to get our refund? Four Month is unacceptable!


Can someone please get back to me to get my money back? I’ve been waiting for over a year. Frustrated is understating my emotions toward this company.

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I’ve been waiting for a refund since end of June, that’s when they said it’s gonna take 20 days.

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Wait so I got the same email as you and thought that they could refund our final payment back to our credit card but the original $100 deposit made by asiabill could not?

I asked for the $100 back as a gift card because I don’t think giving people my wire transfer information is appropriate. If dough gets hacked or the information falls in the wrong hands someone can use your bank account and routing information and all your personal information they ask for to pretend to be you and drain your bank account by committing ACH fraud. I have no desire to have that happen to me. If they can’t refund my money I will stick it out and either lose my money I bought the monitor for or wait for the monitor to come if that ever happens.

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Still no refund for a refund process started in early august 2022.

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Seems to be the normal practice now to ghost refund requests. Have not heard of a refund issued in a while.

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I received the refund in 20 days email 3 months ago and I have yet to receive anything. I haven’t gotten the “we have to find another way because it’s been more than six months” message yet I just keep getting the we are sorry emails. Did they even ship the Vs out? I paid for this thing in December 2020. I’m not happy.

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I’m also one of the people who is still waiting on a refund. My order was confirmed as cancelled on May 23rd. I was asked to wait 20 days and when that passed I was told there was an error on their end and would have to wait a further 20 days. That came and went with no reponse. I have mailed support several times over the past few months and have they have not provided an answer to my satisfaction. At this point Dough / Eve are STEALING from us. They have taken our money and provided nothing in return. This needs to be resolved ASAP.


I’ve been waiting since August 29th for my refund and only ever get told to keep waiting. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement.

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I live in the US and I have never seen a refund process get stuck like this. This is horrifying. I never received my monitor after a year, that is bad enough. Now I am not receiving my refund after 20 days. Seriously I think we are all getting SCAMMED.

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Similar here, they stop responding to you after supplying bank details for the refund to be processed.