EVE refund response

This is EVEs response to my order cancelation.

We have canceled your order and initiated your refund. Please allow up to 20 business days for the refund to process.

But as to the pre-order, unfortunately, our payment processor Asiabill refused to process refunds over 180 days as a result it took us a while to figure out a different way to process your refund.

We can issue a gift card that you can use in our store, simply let us know in response to this email.
If you want to get your money back to your bank account, please provide us this info:
Personal information:
Address 2
Email Address
Phone Number

Bank details:
Account Type
Account Number
Bank BSB Code
Bank SWIFT Code

They can’t even refund YOUR money correctly. Totally unacceptable

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I work for a payment processing company, and what Eve are saying here is totally understandable.

Refunds for online payments don’t use the card details you provided. Eve likely doesn’t have any way to see what your card details are (and neither should they). Instead, the refund is made against a reference to the original payment, and this allows the card network to send the money back to the card used to make payment.

These references can’t stay “alive” forever and will expire after a certain period. The 180 day timeframe would have been chosen because it’s reasonable that 99% of all refunds will happen within 6 months.

As it’s been more than 6 months, that reference is no longer usable and Eve have no way to put the money back on your card. The best option they have is to send the refund to you via wire transfer, which is why they’re asking for all of these details.

You may not like it, but this is a technical constraint that Eve have no way of controlling. At least they’re trying to give you your money back!


Has anyone actually received a wire back? I have been waiting since December for one, but alas, no.

Hey @ironic77

Can you provide me your order ID so I can have support look into this for you? I apologize for the delay in your refund as that in unacceptable and very long time to have to wait. Will get this looked into by the team asap.

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