Eve QD-OLED 4K 240Hz Monitor

With Samsung and Sony both announcing QD-OLED monitor and TV respectively, would Eve consider making a matte monitor which is 4K 240Hz with QD-OLED monitor and reaching new heights in respect to colour gamuts (90-95% Rec2020)?


It’s been mentioned several times in this thread:

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I think EVE just need to get the current monitors they have stable :slight_smile:


This would be superior to their current monitors in games. The OLED would have CRT-like input latency:

There is always motion blur on LCDs, but OLED has no motion blur since the pixels change to the correct values in something like 0.1ms. The pixels often show at least three different images at the same time, so the pixels are not changing colors in time for a refresh and the result is a blurry mess. Higher refresh rates help (as does strobing), but there is no LCD substitute for OLED (or even CRT) when it comes to pixel response times.

I would very much like to see Eve make a 240Hz 4K OLED version (with DP 2.0 this time). Unfortunately, developing an OLED model in the open would risk the Osborne effect on the existing LCD model. I already have the existing LCD model, so they do not need to worry about the Osborne effect influencing me though.