Eve Phone Concept Design

Love the direction here, but for me 5.5 inch is too small because I like the bigger screen for games and media. Like many phones how about we keep this one and then add a plus model with larger screen and larger battery. Nice to keep everything else the same, though maybe there would be room to incorporate the stylus in Note style into the bigger model…? :wink:

Yeah, that’s sounds good. One base model and a pro model that has maybe a 6.5" display, 6,000mAh battery, and an integrated stylus, if that can be made water resistant too.

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Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest this Phone concept from a creator on Behance as reference for design; while a lot of functions from the concept are already reflected on in the current diagrams I feel like there are finer details you can pull for inspiration too.

link: Behance


Update: Added a kickstand. I’ve been thinking about adding tech from companies such as Sensel https://sensel.com/ and Hap2U https://www.hap2u.net/. They would probably work best in combination with phones with curved displays, but I see how these pressure sensors and haptics could be useful.

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Update: Updated both the main file and the Instagram one. Better cameras, added an infrared spectroscopy scanner, pressure sensors from Sensel, localized haptics from Hap2U, no removeable back, and some minor fixes. Best version yet I think.

I love the kickstand idea. I’m always trying to take family photos with the timer and it’s hard to get the phone to stand in the right position. Having a kickstand that’s the width of the phone would be a big help.

Perhaps Eve can collaborate with https://www.shiftphones.com/

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Kind of Sustainability would be great. Otherwise Fairphone also could be a partner for collaboration?

Update: Thinner and rounder buttons, no fingerprint scanner on the power button, moved the microSD card reader to the bottom, changed the dimensions a little. 5.7" display 14cm in height, 7cm in width, and 0.5cm bezel at the top and bottom. Changed the look of the speakers to match the new Eve V. Thinking about adding an integrated stylus, but not if it compromises water resistance.

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Two SIM cards are usually located in one tray, it is not necessary to separate them.
Thank you for the separate microSD slot!
You can move a separate microSD slot to the top or leave it on the bottom so as not to get confused.
I have a few more suggestions:

  1. The “Sound / vibration” switch, as in the iPhone! It is important that the switching occurs transversely, as in the iPhone, since the longitudinal switch, as in OnePlus, I arbitrarily switched, clinging to the pants pocket.
  2. Please add led indicator (messages, charching).
  3. An infrared sensor for controlling household appliances (TV, air conditioning and others) on the upper edge.
  4. As suggested earlier, add a separate button (to turn on the camera), with the ability to assign your own command (for example, turn on the flashlight) or add the ability to program existing buttons (power, volume).
  5. What sensors will be in the EVE phone? List of the most necessary sensors for me: NFS , fingerprint scanner, dual-band GPS, accelerometer, Gravity sensor) , light sensor , proximity sensor , gyroscope , compass (magnetometer), barometer.
  6. Consider adding a vibrator type iPhone Taptic Engine.
  7. Bluetooth version, it is advisable to update at the time of production launch. The current version of Bluetooth is 5.1.
  8. It may be useful to add a second light sensor on the right side or on the back cover, as in Xiaomi MI10 Pro. In most phones, the light sensor is located above the screen, which is sometimes closed by holding the phone with one hand or flipping through.

Update: Added ambient light sensors, changed the look of the SIM card tray and moved it to the right side. Removed unnecessary second SIM tray. Changed Bluetooth version to 5.1. Added a programmable quick launch button, a sound/vibrate switch, an LED indicator, and an IR blaster. Included a list of all the sensors that would go into the smartphone.

Just do not add too many things as Apple (that Taptic Engine…) as we know android has been čipy off Apple and still is copying some things, and Apple is not very happy about it. If apple will see that there is some phone with to many features same, … 3D Touch is great but adding that would be too risky

I’d really like to have a user-replaceable battery.

And I really, REALLY want my next phone to run Linux …

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Update: Added a back cover that allows the battery to be removed, though at the cost of the kickstand. Maybe if Eve partnered with dbrand to make a case with a kickstand, that would solve that problem. hopefully being able to remove the battery doesn’t compromise water resistance or wireless charging.

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I don’t think you need a cover for replacing the battery as long as the device is easy to open, since you will be changing it at most once a year

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Update: The back can be removed by undoing four small screws. This will enable the device to be water resistant, charged wirelessly, and have a kickstand. I was Inspired by the serviceability of the Eve V 2020 concept designs.

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Nice i like these ideas. Who would sell the battery BTW? Back in my Samsung Galaxy S3 days I bought a third party battery and it was terrible! Also with a large battery that we’re proposing, changing the battery is really only after a couple of years when many people would be looking to upgrade their phones anyway. Point being that I’m not sure how big or immediate a market there will be for a battery, especially if I need to carry a screwdriver to replace it (for the use case where I know I have a heavy day away from a charging point and want to bring a spare battery with me)

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I’m thinking Eve could use Samsung’s batteries for the device, unless they could partner with a company to provide long lasting batteries. I saw a Galaxy S4 extended life battery replacement with 5,400mAh capacity. Robot or human?

A 6.5" screen is the minimum size that I would ever consider. The ability to “easily” remove the battery is critical and so is a headphone jack.

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Update: Minor update to main concept, updated Instagram version. Moved microSD card slot to under the kickstand. Removed ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The front facing camera can now use facial recognition to sign in. Upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2.