Eve Phone Concept Design

This is my smartphone design inspired by the Eve V. Post your thoughts on what you like and what could be changed or added to create the perfect smartphone.

Eve phone concept 7.7


Some quick thoughts:

  • Thickness of 1 cm seems quite excessive. Not even the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is that thick.
  • I think it is time to say goodbye to the headphone jack for good. Wireless Headphones are getting cheap and good. Also an opening like this is bad for water proofing etc. and is one more part that can break.
  • Same goes for the shutter button. Personally I am quite content with using one of the volume rockers as shutter button.
  • The bezels on the left and right side seem quite big to me.
  • I like the square screen.
  • What about wireless charging and underscreen finger print reader?

Just some quick thoughts. Would love to hear your thoughts on them.

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Update: Made the bezels smaller and the device thinner. I wouldn’t mind a thicker phone if it has better battery life and was more durable. Removed the front facing camera, put a large second display on the back, moved the volume rocker and the shutter button to the left side and removed the headphone jack. Put the SIM slot on the right side and removed the Micro SD slot.

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Nice idea

I reckon 90hz is a better compromise than 120hz for better battery

Bring back headphone jack! Samsung S10 shows you can have ip68 and a jack. Mid and lower end price range consumers need it

Nowadays need a 3x or 5x optical zoom. Quality of camera sensor important too, Huawei P40 Pro is prob one of the best right now

What is your market? Flagship? Pixel 5 likely heading down to a mid range processor which is all you really need these days.

Screen on back seems excessive for selfies. Just use a lin hole.

Need dual front firing speakers


I hate on screen fingerprint scanners. Power button ones on side is far more reliable and fast.


Update: Brought back the headphone jack, added a IP68 water resistance rating, changed the display to 90hz, made the second screen 50% smaller, and put dual microphones on the top and bottom.


Going for a mid-range phone that focuses on media consumption/creation. so it needs a great camera system, a fast and bright color accurate display, superb dual front firing speakers, a powerful mobile processor, lots of memory and storage, good connectivity, and all day battery life. All in a slim, attractive, durable, and affordable package.

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Although this Phone is not something I am interested in, I think it should have front Facing camera.

affordable package

5g will not help that. 5g is useless for most people and it can raise price of phone by 200-300.


Many people would not buy it just because there is no front facing camera

Also would you give up wireless charging for rear display in mid of phone? If you really want that display just move it.

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THANK YOU for bringing back the headphone jack! I actually need one for my work and won’t buy a phone without it.

I have an Oppo Reno 2 which has the best front facing camera solution for me, with the motorized pop-up ‘sharkfin’ camera. I very rarely take selfies, so i’m not stressing the pop-up mechanism too much. I know any mechanised parts are prone to failure, but the full notchless screen experience for media consumption… best on the market if you ask me and only £400 Sim free!!

The onscreen fingerprint reader is lightning fast and reliable as well, i wouldn’t use the fingerprint reader on my OP3 because it was hit and miss, but this is really nice, so the proof of concept for onscreen readers is already in the market at a low price point.

Not a big fan of a dedicated shutter button @pjandb has a good point about the volume rocker as a shutter if needed, but I’ve always used onscreen controls when i take pictures.

Another great design @Techmo - could you message me? I’d like to talk about getting a version of this design up on Instagram, if you don’t mind, but with slightly larger font labels so people can read them a little easier!


Update: Brought back the front facing camera, removed the rear display and the shutter button, added wireless charging, changed 5G to 4G LTE, and made all the text larger.


This is cool! Nice work @Techmo

I’m also glad you readded the headphone jack. Getting rid of it just doesn’t make sense IMO.

I doubt many others will agree but I really liked the desing LG used for awhile with the Pwr and volume buttons on the back of the phone. I wonder if that makes IP68 not possible tho. Having the pwr button there allows for a full round button/FP reader as well but I don’t have any complaints about the in screen FP reader on my S10.

Please keep the MicroSD slot. That’s one of the things that has really heald me back from switching to iPhone.

The 2nd display on the back is neat but unnecessary. I would rather see a plastic back that allows for a removable battery and wireless charging. I hate the glass body design that everyone is using now.

Extra thickness for bigger battery is a good tradeoff IMO.

I like having a shutter button. Using a volume button for that is a good option.

I would be fine without 5G but unless adding it is a huge cost increase you need to consider it. I don’t think that people will buy a non 5G phone unless it truely sits in the mid-range price range. Even then it will need to have everything else and a great price to be competitive. Maybe having two sizes could address this. The smaller phone could be 4G only. I would have bought an S10e instead of the S10 if it had all 3 camera lenses.

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Update: Brought back the MicroSD card reader and moved the SIM card slot to the top. Made the back polycarbonate and removable. It’s funny that it’s almost back to the first version I made but with wireless charging.


I’m from Russia.

  1. SD card + second SIM card slot - many people need and take up little space! An SD card is convenient because the Android device does not support direct access to memory (for example, to synchronize files, to browse and edit images from the SD card of a camera or DVR). You can always insert a second SIM card if you do not need an SD card.

  2. A 3.5-jack is needed, periodically.

Water resistance can be implemented with a memory card and a 3.5-jack, as in the Samsung S10.

  1. The fingerprint scanner in the screen is more convenient to use when the phone is located on the table or in the holder in the car, and also when the fingerprint is not recognized. Modern fingerprint scanners work fast. There are phones with two scanners - in the power button and on the screen.

  2. The volume buttons on the left inadvertently fall under the index finger when gripping. It is more convenient to place the volume buttons on the right side, above the power button. The power button should be lower, under the thumb, especially if a scanner is built into it. Since, for example, in the Samsung S10 plus, the power button is located high and this is not convenient.

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What changes would you need me to make to post it on Instagram?

I’d need the design to fit well in 1000x1000px square Instagram post. I could post it in a carousel style, so that each section of the design has its own square, but my aim is to get something that allows people on IG to see all the details you’ve put in there, including the text, so it may help to put some of the longer text on multiple lines and slightly increase the font size again a little!


If it is going to have 3.5mm jack than give it really good high end DAC (24 bit 192khz) so it is reasonable.

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Update: Added second SIM card slot and an under-screen fingerprint scanner, moved the volume rocker to the right side and lowered the power button. I will try to make the images optimized for Instagram soon.

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Here’s an Instagram optimized version:
Instagram Eve phone concept 4-10-2020


@techmo the post is up on Instagram, I don’t know your Instagram handle but if you can let me know I will tag your account!



Thanks for sharing my design! I don’t have an Instagram to link to though.