Eve pattern behind kickstand!

While I was watching @Konstantinos disassemble the V, I spotted something that blew my mind.

I spotted a very interesting and unique pattern behind the kickstand. :heart_eyes:

A superb addition to a device that’s already perfect.
What do you guys think?


I noticed that in one of the other videos too. Can’t remember if it was one of @Konstantinos other videos or what. I remember talking about this way back almost at the beginning of designing the V as a way to add a special something, I totally forgot about it until I saw it in the video a while back. I’m really glad they decided to include it, I was really hoping for either this or a backlit logo behind the kickstand like we had also talked about at some point. :slight_smile:


Yeah love it! We had discussed it initially and very glad to finally see it materialised! Hope the proto will have the pattern!


They never bragged about this one… sneaky :wink: :smile:

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just awesome and really nice done

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I believe it was first visible on @pauliunas’ video about the kickstand, but it never got major attention. I so love this little detail, though!


Darn, you beat me to it! (I just had a chance to look at the video now.)

As I said in that video thread, awesome touch!

And I beat y’all to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I showed it off in one of my videos, don’t remember which one :smile: That was a couple weeks ago :smiley:

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@Pauliunas already noticed it, but yes. Its simple and aesthetically pleasing. Plus is on the inside.
I personally like it a lot. Someone mentioned that it looks a bit like a hifashion LV print on a purse. XD