Eve own arc mouse accecories (Concept)

Hello guys, me again,… hope you don’t mind…
such great community here,… I like it :slight_smile:
This concept just came in my mind maybe arround last week by saw > this post
so I’ve just thinking… I own Surface arc mouse (without dongle) and yes! I like it, but when it comes to designing and modelling something, the trouble is come!.. The middle click is very important to me (also scroll) which from arc mouse that i have is not comfortable enough (sometimes mid click are working and sometimes it’s not, also it’s a bit weird using touch for mid-clicking thing- nah, maybe just me). So, I just made this during my free time… :wink:
Tell me what you think? any comments, critics, are very welcome… And yes it is based on Surface-arc mouse of course… I love the slim and simplicity idea they did! Very nice work!

here you go just simple modelling and render…

Notice : there’s a button on the side too

Just playing with some eye catching color :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks community :slight_smile:


Spec dependant I would buy it :slight_smile:

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Looks better with those colours than the apple counterpart but as much uncomfortable as it is.

It will need to be sturdy enough to defeat konstas affection towards it.
poor peter


I was thinking about that the second I saw it lol. I think he wanted to break it! He is rough!

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Really good concept and I would definitely use if I was a casual computer user.

Though I run alot of simulations on my laptops and desktop and would look for ergonomics first. But honestly I love the concept

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what kind of simulations if i may know? because my point with this concept is trying to get similar like arc mouse for simplicity, but still usable for advanced user too (not ideal but usable) :smiley:

I mostly do fluid dynamics simulations though sometime multibody dynamics is needed. When iterationg through initial methodologies I would have my hand on the mouse continuously. The bend definitly makes it easier to use and simulates the shape of the mouse. The only criticism (Though I think I’d be getting too in depth) is that the is nowhere to rest the thumb. On a mouse due to the curvature on the sides the hand can cave around the shape.

I do like the design and from a manufacturing point of view, the part reduction in the design means that overall quality would keep ahigh standard.

You’ve definitely achieved an interesting design. It kind of seems Apple-like in its simple but functional design.

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I’m using MS Surface Arc Mouse for years and I’m very happy with it. Additional buttons would be great! I will buy it anytime.


While I’ve heard of the arc mouse - I’ve not paid much attention. What is it about it that people like? (how is it different?)

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“Flat” design for transport, weight and shut-off (battery saving, 2 AAA batteries last over 2 years) when you flatten it for transport.


Awesome renders, but after producing such a similar product couldn’t there be some troubles with patents?


Where can I send my money? The product looks gorgeous!


Ian, your rendering is as awesome as usual!

Do you have any insight on how the gripping would feel though?

As for MS’s arc mouse…
I have never used or seen it in demo.
Probably because of this, I am not that convinced about how it would work nicely for my job.

Also, I am a bit worried about the battery life too.


I stopped using such kind of mouse 5 years back…lets not bring the same old/traditional Ergonomic Mouse…it causes Carpal tunnel syndrome (Carpal tunnel syndrome - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic)…

and went for something like this …

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So, my experiences with it.

OK for standard work in motels, client presentations and in the field. I would not recommed it for all day work in the office.

I use it for precise work - CAD, GIS, …

It is great for travel - flattend and packs great in sleeve with MS Surface Pro 3 or Book.

Battery life - 2 AAA batteries last over 2 years.


I personnaly hate those mice or keyboards who take USB port …


Sure, don’t mind carrying those tiny pieces, as long as my wrist are safe and secure to hold my loved ones :slight_smile:

I would recommend you a gym … :sweat_smile:

Already going to Gym :-), just don’t want to spend time in hospital/clinics :innocent:

I was jokin’ … I don’t mind external mouse or keyboard with Bluetooth, I just hate those with need for USB dongle.

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