Eve office go box

I was just imagining what eve might make next, and then suddenly I had an amazing idea! I call it Eve Office Go. It’s basically a box. You can fold back the top to reveal a Windows touchscreen computer. If you turn it over, you reveal a virtual arts and crafts maker, where you can draw and make 3D models with an eve pen. Flicking a switch on the side of that will illuminate keyboard buttons that cannot be pressed, but respond to touch. Folding a thin piece of metal behind the screen to the side will reveal two high end speakers. With this device, you can use the “tablet mode” for easy use, the laptop mode for work or easy gaming, and using the speakers will allow you to enjoy more. Also, when the speakers are out, the device will enter “smart mode.” In this it will recognize simple voice commands and will be able to read to you.

Could you maybe sketch out a quick drawing of your idea? A pictures worth 1000 words :grinning: (sometimes)