Eve - multiple keybords options

Hi guys,

I’m a surface 4 pro user and I’m very happy with this type of 2 in 1 devices. But I found it really weard that all this laptops and tablets always come with only one type of keabord/keabord docks.

Surface pro - keybord cover
Surface book - keybord dock
All other surface clones - mainly keybord covers (or this weird keyboards with one angle like Dell XPS 12 Recenzja Dell XPS 12 9250 - Notebookcheck.pl)
Ipads, Huawei, Samsung or Asus Transformer 3 - all one angle folio keyboards.

Let say all of them are not perfect and suitable for different situation.
But what if you build universal device that can be used with all of those keyboard types.

So you buy Eve tablet and than can choose what type of keybord is suitable to your situation, which you prefer.

And that would be great. You can buy keybord dock and use it as full laptop replacment or you can buy folio keyboard for maximum portability or keybord cover - as mid solution.

I know some 3rd party companies tried to do this bu all none of those solutions work well.

What guys do you think?

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