Eve marketing champion wanted!

Hello Eve Family!

This is the first post of its kind.
As Spectrum and Muse have been moving forward we are looking now for new members to join our team. We decided to ask in our community first: After all, people here have the best understanding of what we are doing and why we are doing it!

About Eve:

We’ll keep this part blank as you probably know :slight_smile:

The Job:

Eve team marketing champion

What will you actually do:

You will work directly with the Eve team but mostly with our Team’s marketing lead.
In our team, people can wear multiple hats and we are always helping each other! Never the less, these will be your main responsibilities:

  • Find out ways to spread the word out about Eve and its mission in new and non-conventional ways.
  • Working directly with press and influencers.
  • Creative copywriting for website, newsletters and other channels.
  • Managing projects and work with external partners (like Facebook marketing agency or similar)


Remote (we are a very mobile team and being in one office physically it doesn’t really matter)


Up for discussion. Freelance, part-time and full-time possibilities.

When does the job start?:

We would be ready to start with this person almost right away.


  • It’s as much about the attitude as it is about skills
  • Great communication capabilities
  • Few years of experience working in the marketing field would be optimal

What will this opportunity give you?

  • Working in an energetic and effective team.
  • Fast professional growth. You will be in direct contact with some of the tech Industry media agencies, influencers, and brands. You will also have a chance to try different things within Eve!

How to apply?

Send over your CV and cover letter to this email: join@dough.community

Questions to answer in your cover letter:

  • Why would you like to join Eve?
  • Why should we pick you?
  • What’s the one project that you are most proud of and shows your skills the best? What was your involvement? (this can be pretty much anything including summerhouse renovation :slight_smile: But some communications and marketing related project would be great)

Cheers and Good luck!