Eve keyboard idea

I am making this topic, so when eve will be creating keyboard, they will know what community wants. There will maybe be too many polls, but it is in cause of community questions. So let’s start:

  • I am not interested in eve keyboard
  • I am interested in eve keyboard
  • I think I would buy it

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What type of keyboard do you prefer (I think eve should create both)

  • Low profile (like Logitech g913)
  • Normal (Like wooting two)

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Would you want this keyboard to be wireless?

  • Wireless!!!
  • Wireless keyboard is useless for me

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What interface would you want as input? (It is on community so many options avaible:

  • Usb C
  • Lightning
  • Micro usb B
  • Usb A
  • 3.5mm jack :upside_down_face:
  • Ps/2
  • Only charging USB C
  • No ports, when it discharges I will buy new :upside_down_face:
  • HDMI
  • DP
  • PCIe 4.0

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Do you think it should also support Mac OS (for example on logitech G915 you see button to switch between macOS and windows)

  • No, macOS support is useless
  • I am Mac user, I want it
  • I am not Mac user but I think that it should support Mac

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Now switches. There are many types and for Low profile version there must be other, but I have one idea here. I think that most of you do not know company Wooting, they are creating custom switches and keyboard. Prices now are bad, but the reason for their bad prices is less than 1000 pieces sold. More quantity lower prices. I think their switches are best, if eve will contact them for their switches and creation of lp switches w Ed ould be great. Here is link to their page: Wooting two Lekker edition - Analog Input Mechanical Keyboard
Also they are doing freeware so this keyboard will have ability to - analog output as controller, DKS - What you write depends on how deep you press button, custom activation distance from 0.1mm.

You checked Lekker switches? So what from switches do you want?

  • I like Lekker switches
  • MX switches
  • Kailh switches
  • Romer-g
  • Flaretech optical switches

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What preassure of switches do you prefeer for higher profile?

  • Less
  • 40-45g
  • 45-60g
  • 60-65g
  • More

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What preassure of switches do you prefeer for lower profile?

  • Less
  • 30g
  • 30-40g
  • 40-50g
  • 50-60g
  • More

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What type of switches do you prefeer (think there will be more options)(feel free to chose more options):

  • Linear
  • Clicky
  • Quiet linear
  • “Brown” switches

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Would you want to have “premium” option for Low profile type with setable OLED on top. On normal versions, there will be volume set, brightness set, RGB set and profile buttons. On OLED it will be touchscreen so it will be more customizable, and you can set RGB colors there, play songs… something like on MacBooks.

  • This premium option sounds good
  • I do not want option

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Do you want fingerprint reader?

  • I want it
  • I want it as option
  • I do not want fingerprint reader

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And place where this reader will be located, do you want OLED on Touch ID place? When Pc is unlocked, you will see eve logo there, and you can set it to whatever you want. (Like Spotify singles showing)

  • I want it
  • I do not want it

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Do you want RGB option? There will be button for RGB, which you can turn on/off and also brightness settings. When RGB turned off, than setting brightness will set white backlight light, so you can see in dark. But when you turn RGB off light goes off and you can set it by brightness buttons.

  • This idea sounds good
  • Nope

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What surface finish for keyboard do you want?

  • Matte
  • Glossy

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What surface finish for key caps do you want?

  • Glossy
  • Matte

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My idea about key caps is that they will be transparent and black. (for backlight and RGB) But many keyboards have only main characters transparent, so you do not see second in dark. This keyboard can do it better. Do you like my idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also it will be interesting to see them hot swappable, notes to lightning - g915 lasts 1000h with RGB off, 40 with full brightness.

Do you want keyboard to be waterproof?

  • I want waterproofness
  • It is bad idea

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If you have more ideas, write in comments
…adding more questions soon


Based on your voting about pressure weight, now to more concrete numbers:
Which weight do you want for normal keyboard switches:

  • 45
  • 50
  • 55
  • 60

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And which for Low profile:

  • 30
  • 35
  • 40

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And now question for different voters
This question is only for people wanting normal height keyboard
What type of switches would you like?

  • Kailh
  • Lekker
  • Mx

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Now only for low profile voters
What version of switches would you want?

  • Mx
  • Kailh
  • Lekker

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And would you pay extra for premium OLED version?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please vote only for your category

I want a keyboard without keys and switches at all… Just a touch sensitive glass plate with a bicrome display. Adding something like SwiftKey would be awesome… Could be solar powered. Add a app to design the layout each letter for its own…


These questions are all kinda leading and there is only the choice for mechanical keyboards. While I’m on the mech train and planning my first custom mech build I don’t know if everyone even wants a mech, or has sufficient knowledge to make an informed decisions on the polls. The Logitech MX lineup right now looks pretty good for example, and they type quite good, especially in office/quiet environments.

I’m also missing some quite essential questions, while very detail oriented ones are put in… For one: What size keyboard do you want? I know I’m a minority in wanting a 75% keyboard (or 60% with an F-row, i can live with that as well). I would love stuff like a volume rocker and dedicated media keys, but I won’t shy away on making that a separate macro pad for me.

I would also like to connect wireless and wired. The Azio Retro Classic do a good job in combining it all imo. They can connect via BT and USB (with USB reducing lag significantly), up to 3 devices in the BT memory and it can change from mac and windows profile with a dedicated switch.

As for the OLED screen part… I’ve seen it on G19, G15 and G910 (in some way)… It’s always very badly supported and I don’t think we can do better then Logitech in that regards. But I like the idea of thinking about something new :smiley:

One thing I’d like to make clear though: Eve is not a gaming brand. We made a monitor that is awesome for gaming and content creation. If it were possible we’d made it more awesome for productivity as well, but other panel sizes makes the tooling expensive. If anything, we’re probably an enthusiast brand. The stuff we make can be good for gaming, but it’s not the primary focus for Eve products.


I meant that OLED or buttons to use as media key, if you look at MacBook, I meant something over all keyboard. Also as connection I would like to see Bluetooth, Wireless dongle and USB C as options, same as Logitech g915. But against Logitech g915, eve can improve OLED and go with analog switches. As switches, I wanted to bring mainly mechanical type, because there are many keyboards and I think that one of only few special things you can do are Lekker Switches.

Then I suggest posing your topic as a suggestion, instead of as a survey:
“I think Eve should make a keyboard with Lekker mechanical switches. These are the reasons it’ll be a good idea. Who’s with me?”

Asking questions works well when you’re trying to survey the opinions of others. If your goal is to convince others that Lekker switches are the solution, then I think the most important part is missing: You have yet to explain the benefits of these switches.


I posted link, but still. I wanted them to know about it, but there is obvious problem. Many People aren’t anything around, they are just choosing option. I wrote to one section that only people who wants low profile should answer, and same about normal versions. 4 people answered, all of them for both options. Also I was trying to be neutral about switches, just let people know that something like Lekker switches exists. But many of them are not reading attached text so I do not know what to do.

But most importantly I wanted to know their opinion, there is just one think about them. The thing is that you can not say that something is better than thing you do not know anything about, that is why I posted that link. I will maybe write more about it but I am too tired now

Well, the survey was a bit confusing and too specific about your proposal. Some ideas are worth being explained and discussed instead of just voted.

The Lekker switches, for example, sound very interesting on paper. I’ve never used linears, though, so I can’t imagine how they would feel in real life.

The idea of having different functions at different “depths” is very cool, but probably only for gaming. It would require so much precision to use it when typing. I usually just bottom out all the keys I press. Anyway, I would really love to try these out and see if they could be used in other situations.

Also, do you think they would work on a low profile keyboard? There’s less key travel there, right?


There will be smaller travel distance but for example g915 is really thin and has 3.2mm travel distance. That is not that bad against 4mm normal also for not gaming you can set activation distance, but when i will have tíme i will Make new Thread with discusion Also it would be nice to have swappable numpad connectable to right/left side

Yes, this! And: swap the layout with different language input! English, German,… It would be easy if it ran SwiftKey or some such!

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I think that the new keyboard should be fully compatible with Eve V (1) (pogo) because a lot of customers had to get a new one from other suppliers due to the lack of responsiveness from Eve or Fortress or whoever .
For instance I’m typing on a Rii keyboard (quite good indeed) but I would prefer to use the one received from Eve (= foldable to protect screen) but unfortunately it only last less than 3 month and I have been unable to get a brand new one so far (= no answer from Eve nor Fortress :angry:).
Not only the new model should be professionally designed in term of electrical contact and / or wiring (to last at least 2 / 3 years x 8h typing / day) but also caps lock indicator is a must have and back lighting should be improved compare to old one (light leakage from under key).
Last point for me - small removable antislip legs on upper side will make it more comfortable.
All this for 75 USD should be possible I think - this will be keyboard no 2.
For keyboard no 3 (175 USD) let’s go for dreams = upper key parts OLED or E-lnk to change language layout in setting (but still mechanical for comfort) + full size arrow keys and optional num pad with the same design as main keyboard.
If you need a beta tester, I’m ready.

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Legs sounds good, but 2/3 years on keyboard. Shift will have RGB and I think there can be option to light it to your color when on.
I will want be beta tester of option 3 :upside_down_face:
Changeable sides example - https://www.gigabyte.com/Keyboard/THUNDER-K7/gallery#gallery

While there are plenty of “gaming” grade mech keyboards, swing by r/mechanicalkeyboards and you will discover that there is an entire universe that is r/mk.

My “pitch”:

  • Aluminum construction all around, with optional brass weight for additional stability
  • Gasket mount internal design with brass, STS or aluminum plate options
  • Personal preference to a 75% layout, but TKL or 65% works too
  • 2x USB C + pass through capabilities
  • Bluetooth optional (if 65% for portability)
  • Nice PBT keycaps (backlit if there is RGB)
  • Comes prebuilt with a decent amount of Kailh/Gateron/Cherry switch options

Also huge potential for a barebones edition without keycaps, switches, but has a hotswap PCB as an option alongside a solderable PCB for the enthusiasts

Fully kitted out, it will be quite the wallet burner, but there are ways to bring down the cost, but then again, isn’t the Eve M1K (also my proposed name for it!) an enthusiast board to begin with :slight_smile:

P/S: KBDfans is a great vendor to work with, while there are many, many community designers around for design input.

Great opportunity here, but unsure if the target market for my ideas above fits the general audience this project is for.

Graphene batteries would be nice in Wireless keyboards

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Dont we all T_T it would be a button-less Elgato streamdeck
It would require either
A. Better gpu/cpu tech to render the device thus only making it useful when the pc is on or
B Dedicated onboard processor of its own effectivly making it a low power high performance tablet interface similar to how people buy AC units with a dedicated tablet (just running android most times)

Id love to have more tech companies deploy dedicated processors within their devices to offload 98% of cpu usage like the 1st release corsair keyboards with the funky logo had dedicated chip for all the lighting effects but it would also mean looking into a dedicated memory cache and at that point down the rabbit whole we go. Give it time someones gonna push something like this to market with ARM becoming so competitive and x86/x64 from intel and AMD feeling the heat to shrink their cores faster.

What about creating a keyboard the houses a Screen? Like in the New Asus zenBook Pro Duo Laptops?!
I think it should be wireless but also Has the optional ports to Dock on an Eve V(or successor)

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I’m quite sure Microsoft has something similar in their pipeline. SwiftKey is in their hands and their SurfacePro X on ARM is the best startingpoint to make a dual screen/ touch keyboard device from a originally designed 2in1 tablet…

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There is Laser Keyboard?! (with typing test) - YouTube and countless of similar devices for those who prefer to touch without keys. An optional (plexi)glass pane should be able to what you want if it can measure fast enough.

I really really don’t want it though. I want my keyboard to be just that, a keyboard. Nothing more, nothing less. For screens I use my screen. I can’t imagine using flow on a full size keyboard is the way to go.
And I have experience with second screens and the like. But it’s to disconnected from you main screen, requires resources to run (may or may not be a dealbreaker). I’ve tried several keyboards with extra screens and stuff.

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I get the appeal of a keyboard updating it’s character set updating depending on context, but I agree that a touch panel will never be able to replace a proper keyboard.

A while ago I came up with the idea of having polarized segments in keycaps. This way at least 2 characters could be displayed per keycap and switching could be done using LEDs with tiny polarization filters. E.g this could be used to switch between palatalized an non-capitalized fonts (way more clear than a tiny indication light) or it could be used to switch between 2 different character sets like Cyrillic and Chinese.

If someone steals this idea, at least give me a free keyboard.

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