Eve G Gaming Laptop

How about Eve makes a gaming laptop that

  1. You could take into a business meeting without ridicule,

  2. Is affordable ($750-800 for gtx 1060/new equivalent by the time the laptop is made), and

  3. Isn’t ridiculously heavy (3-4 lbs. / 2 kg max) ?

I think there is a strong opening in this market now that gaming laptops can compete with gaming desktops.

The lowest I’ve ever seen a laptop like this is $950, so maybe this could be more of a no frills laptop (no RGB lighting, no gaming equivalent of Apple logo branding (cough cough Alienware cough cough) , g-sync in the monitor, etc.)

but still nice stuff (1080p screen, mechanical keyboard without rgb, 1060/next gpu gen equivalent graphics, 16gb ram, 1tb HDD, etc.)

For a price closer to what it would be to get that stuff for a desktop but with the ability to take it to work, school, etc.

Would having all of these features in 1 laptop be too expensive, or is this feasible and the prices are high due to brand names, rgb, etc? Really curious to find out since it seems PC laptop gaming is getting more popular and Eve could once again show that the prices of all the others are way too high.


No RGB! Heresy!

Although I would like something that looks like Asus Zephyrus but doesn’t cost as much as a MacBook or my kidneys. 1080p at 60 frames with medium to high settings is good enough for me.


There were again and again threads about it before. : )

Right now my informed guess would be that cooling is a problem when jumping from passive to active and high power design.


Sorry, gaming laptops cannot seriously compete with desktops, and they never will fully be able to. It’s just a matter of (space for) cooling. :wink:

Even here I have to say, sorry, not likely… GPUs are insanely expensive (and due to the block chain currency rush will remain for quite some time I suppose :frowning_face:)… so are high-performance mobile CPUs. Those prices would likely be about the retail prices for GPU and an i7-XXXXHQ processor. (note that those components usually are not products you can indeed purchase in retail versions - but especially for high-end components OEM prices shouldn’t be too much different :wink: )


Ok, here’s my 2 cents on it:

I don’t think a 1060 is possible in a mobile device with the 800$ you want - simply because the GPU alone will take quite a bunch of $ to put in the device - even with just 8 GB of RAM.

So, let me go through all your points and give my opinion on it :slight_smile:

  1. I think that will be a given when we see the design of the V.
  2. Affordable - again, a 1060 for 750$ is near undoable with a decent quality I feel.
  3. Not heavy is again hard to do combined with a good qualty and GPU.
  4. Overall I don’t think this would be possible at the price point you want it - a decent mechanical board itself costs ~100$.

I agree with my Senior Mushroom Friend @mulenga - Gaming Notebooks can’t compete with a Gaming Desktop. A decent gaming PC with an Ryzen 1300X, 16GB RAM, decent PSU, B350 Mobo, GTX 1060 6GB, 256GB SSD goes to roughly 700$ - and they’re easily upgradeable in the future. Add 100$ for a monitor, 20$ for a cheapo mouse/keyboard combo and you’re there.


But we aren’t assign them compete with desktop grade, clearly choosing portability over all power.
Also I feel like some efficiently cooled gaming laptops are pretty close to their desktop counter parts. That’s where Eve could shine.

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The NVIDIA MAX-Q GPU should help out with what you’re looking for. However I have no clue how expensive the MAX-Q is to be honest, but apparently it’s a slim version of the 1080 GPU (slightly underclocked GPU) so I’m guessing over 1200$ minimum for the laptop.

I don’t think these two are compatible with each other

The points portability and efficiently cooled are basically ruling each other out in regard to gaming hardware. :wink:

I mean it really depends on how you do it and what you define as portable. I’m using it pretty loosely. I’d rather have a laptop I could take to my friends house than a stronger desktop that stays in one spot.

but’s that is why it would be such an industry game changer (pardon the pun) if eve were able to do it. how else would you create a stand out product that everyone will want to buy?

As much as I believe in eve having the potential to be an industry game changer, I have my doubts that they can bend the laws of physics. :wink:
Powerful components produce a lot of heat (afaik the produced heat would have some sort of exponential relation to power consumption and performance gains /*add reference and be more specific when I have time to*/). Components producing heat require a better cooling system. Higher cooling capacity will mean more heatpipes and fans (probably also bigger ones). Heatpipes and fans make a laptop bulky and heavy. It’s as simple as that. :slight_smile:
So basically the trick will likely be to strike the right balance.
I do admit that there is definitely potential for eve to provide more efficiant cooling than it is common in a compact housing, though. Just don’t expect any miracles. :wink:

Probably I got you wrong here… Of course, a laptop will always be more portable than a desktop computer. But the laptop to get anywhere near proper gaming desktop performance will be bulky and heavy. Your statement about choosing portability over power gave me the idea you were referring to the original post which suggests a weight of no more than 2 kg. :slight_smile:

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Yes this is a great idea i think look at using the amd ryzen mobile cpu and use nividia 1070 mobile version. I think keyboard should be mechanical. The laptop screen should support g-sync and 144hz. Should use USB C for charging laptop and have two USB 3.1 ports. There should also be some ports like display port or hdmi to connect to connect multiple monitors

What about Lenovo? There was a laptop with GTX960M and a quad core i5 selling for 800 euros here, lots of people bought it… I think it was called Y50-70. I don’t know much about their newer models, but I bet you can find something good too :slight_smile:

Come on, dude… WHY??! Why do you think it would be better than Intel? Who told you that???

Tell that to Lenovo please… They seem to have gotten it all wrong and actually made one with GTX960M :smile: I don’t think the price of 1060M would be that much different, it’s a newer version of the same model pretty much…

So I want to chime in on this, now that I thought about it throughout the day. I don’t think Eve should do a laptop. Simplest reason: What can Eve do to the laptop market that can disrupt it? Nothing really… There’s a company that designs and builds laptops with Desktop parts in mind called Eurocom. A desktop Intel CPU, a desktop NVIDIA GPU (in an MXM format of course) and priced it reasonably well. Also, they install a SIM SLOT… A BLOODY SIM SLOT IN A LAPTOP! They also accept suggestions from people on their next projects. Yeah sure it weighs a lot but that’s desktop parts. Also they have a laptop trade-in program… Eurocom Trade

I want Eve to develop their next project (after V and Donald Dock) on something that can really impact the industry, the laptop segment probably won’t work. Unless they can design a laptop with those Sharp screens in mind but by the time that happens other manufacturers will have those screens or even better ones.

The only other place that can really use a kick in the butt would be the smartphone segment. Simply put if we look at all the flagship models from each manufacturer they’re pretty… identical (in terms of internal components anyway. iPhone still has 64 GB storage option ffs…)

That’s my take on it anyway.

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Umm… why are you screaming? That isn’t anything new…

Would be great with AMD, since they promise to support the socket for at least 4 years, while with intel it is already dated now that the 8th gen is out with yet another socket layout. So no way that you can go from the 6600K/7600K they offer to a 8700K. Which on productivity side of things is a big step forward. While with AMD you could go from a 1200 to a 1700, and even the successor of the 1700, and possibly the successor of that successor.

No but it’s extremely rare to see one in a laptop.

Meh, I’ve seen it not once and not twice… For example some Lenovo Yoga laptops had it. but yeah, for the most part nowadays it’s getting less and less common because people can just tether their smartphones. Earlier it was pretty normal to see SIM slots in laptops, as well as ethernet ports (or even dial-up before that)