Eve external Trackpad

I want to propose an external Windows Precision Trackpad (PTP) as the next project of Eve.
Since the advent of Windows PTP and their additional gestures, I started to prefer the trackpad over a mouse for productivity. However, when I am working in my usual desktop environment, I prefer my V as a secondary screen with a full-sized keyboard in front of me. For now, I need to work with a mouse, but I would prefer an external Trackpad.

There are multiple external trackpad solutions, but none supporting Windows PTP, besides, most of them are of mediocre build quality. None of them can be compared to the Magic Trackpad from Apple. I found the following during my research:

Software for using the magic trackpad on Windows:

Project to enable Windows PTP on Apple trackpads on Windows 10.

Keyboard/trackpad combo supporting Windows PTP: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/K83-Wireless-Entertainment-Keyboard/p/CH-9268046-NA

Especially the Corsair keyboard looks promising. In my opinion, there exists a huge market without any competitors, just waiting to be claimed by Eve.



Finally, Brydge is creating an external Touchpad for Windows
https://www.brydge.eu/products/w-touch :slight_smile: