Eve Devices coming to a local shop near YOU!

In the UK, i would avoid Curry’s PC World. Probably the biggest tech retailer in the country but also not so great customer service.

Or Box UK, they don’t have a physical store though (as far as i know)

yeah - would hate to imagine what poor customer service could do to Eve’s brand

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In Spain, and also in Portugal (but not as much), the most famous online PC part dealers are PCComponentes, and Coolmod. And obviously, Amazon.
Locally, people go to Mediamarkt specially, at least here in Spain

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For the United States (besides Best Buy, Walmart, Target):

  1. Hardcore Computers … Probably one of the only specialized shops in my area (Boise Idaho). They specialize in custom gaming computers and they use a wide variety of brands.
  2. GameStop … These monitors are perfect for the PS5 and XSX, why not sell them at the same place?
  3. Office Depot/OfficeMax & Staples… They have had to scale down their stores but they sell monitors and a lot of things geared towards PC gaming, some console.
  4. Costco … They have a dedicated following and their electronics section is really good. When people buy here, they are wanting to buy the best as Costco only sells higher end items which the Spectrum is going to be. They are also known to sell less-known brands.
  5. Amazon … Probably the largest yet the best for finding niche items, especially with the pandemic.
  6. I would also suggest creating your own store on your website that is easier to access and browse and should allow to browse all Eve devices.

Why Switzerland if you do not even a Swiss Keyboard Layout?

I know quite some guys interested in the V2, but using geramn or englisch keyboard is not working a s permanent solution.

So I would expect the same reaaction if you come to Switzerland with a store. For this you should bring back swiss keyboard option

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That last option is probably the best, if the idea of remaining in a niche provider is still applicable today.

www.pccomponentes.com for spain.

Nail on the head, right on the money. I’m glad you posted this and even more glad, yet surprised, that they didn’t delete this post. I am one of who knows how many original backers who got silenced when posting about my many issues, which turned out to be mainly caused by the faulty keyboard, in which I didn’t realize until it went completely out and took most of the issues I was having with my V itself with it. And they still won’t give me a replacement keyboard so I have to use a 3rd party.

Another thing is they need a better keyboard, or at least change the way it connects to the V, before they try to compete in stores period! Oh, and customer support in general, IMHO


Hello. I have been waiting 3.5 years for EVE V to reimburse me the money I paid for my EVE V or send me the product. 3.5 years! Most of my messages go answered, and when I am answered I get strung along even more. Please provide me with answers. As I have stated many times, you have my money and while it may not mean much to you, it is a lot of money to me. I will not “write off” this issue. Please do the right thing and help resolve this for me. Thank you.

Ivan Henwood


For Canada there are a few options:

• TheSource.ca
• newegg.ca
• bestbuy.ca
• amazon.ca

I feel like firmware needs to be more stable before they appear in shops across the world. I can picture on the current 104 firmware that people will be displeased with the experience, and this is a bigger less accepting of issues audience. Make sure it ships to stores with stable firmware because there are a lot of problem at current.


they also have support which is a black hole. There is no one there to address issues.

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Can’t wait for it to be on a discount at Costco someday!:heart_eyes:

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Maybe my order can come to my doorstep. Still waiting over a year now. SMH

Alternate.nl Netherlands

Basically “only” €50-€150 more*, plus you can have it shipped the next day!

*depending whether you chose standard or express shipping and tax/import duties

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Micro center for an actual PC knowledge base

Does that mean I will be able to get my warranty repair completed somewhere nearby also? My monitor is still malfunctioning with light damage to the joystick and I still can’t get a reply from the Dough team.