Eve Devices coming to a local shop near YOU!

Hello Eve Family!

Exciting times ahead and announcement time, choose where you can get Eve products!

With the Spectrum development progressing well, we are now working on making sure that Eve products will be more readily available in many regions around the world, as well as giving you guys the option to see the Eve Devices in physical stores for the first time!

We are both happy and proud to announce that we have taken the first steps to placing our devices in physical stores, starting with the country of Finland, where you may find our devices in stores and online at Verkkokauppa.com.

With that in mind, we want to ask all you peeps in the Community for your preference on the type of store you would like to see the V, Spectrum Monitor and all the future products we will develop together.

The deceptively simple question we have for you guys today is: What is YOUR preference, where would you want to see Eve products sold, local shops and specialty electronics suppliers whom you trust and where you would be proud to see a device you helped develop?

For the moment, the regions/countries we are working on are the following:

  • The United States - We have all heard about the big ones such as Best Buy. We make premium products and we want to stand out, and while we we are planning on placing one of our devices in those shops one day, today we want our focus to be on the more niche and more specialized consumer electronics shops who hold loyalty from you guys!

  • The EU - Big region, much variety, wow. We want to make sure we make the correct partnership decisions for the following regions and countries within: DACH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland), Iberia region (Spain, Portugal, Andorra), Italy & France. We are of course open to suggestions for other countries within the EU. The same conundrums remain as in the previous point, we want you guys to help us identify local shops that you trust and where you want to see one of our devices.

  • Rest of the world: If you did not see your country or region mentioned above, do not despair. Feel free to write in the comments below about your preference for your region with the same structure in mind and we will review it, and hopefully take action on it soon.

Some final thoughts on this post!

Among other outcomes, depending on the execution, this could allow us to have an even stronger community interaction in the future. Working with local and more niche shops holds the possibility of us creating dynamic pop-up events and community promotions/exhibitions with you guys on a more meaningful basis going forward. Truly some exciting prospects are on the horizon!

Looking forward to reading all the suggestions,
Stay awesome :sunglasses:


Maybe you should come to Poland. We love you here. Also, maybe I think wrong, those shops also have to provide support? Or maybe that shops will send broken Vs to Eve-Tech where they will dissapear coz there is no support there? Or maybe, Konsta, come on, you have some good info about new kind of support that will bring real help?


personally i do shop at best buy
Microcenter may be a good alternative


Is anybody really using physical stores for electronics shopping? Me not. There’s even no store in my mind where a eve V could be announced right… We have two big electronics retailers in DACH. Saturn and MediaMarkt. But if you try to ask somebody there for a tablet (if you can find someone), they just know the iPad… The only good retailer in South Germany for computer tech is ARLT (nerds are working for nerds) … But they are not DACH…


I agree on Saturn am Media Markt being a pretty weird place for eve. But in addition to ARLT: maybe Conrad? I believe they sell computer stuff as well?


I don’t think that Eve should be placing any devices in local shops until they put right the problems with past sales. Putting aside my opinion on the matter, but thinking from a purely Eve commercial perspective:

Practically all such shops sell on-line and most of these have a comments section for products. There are a lot of very unhappy Eve customers out there, and those customers will be posting comments similar to this:

On this forum, any such posts are deleted and the user banned if they continue to repeat them. But, by selling in such shops, the word will spread (rightly or wrongly - again, I won’t put forward my opinion) that Eve produces poor quality products and provides no support whatsoever, and Eve’s reputation will be tarnished irreparably. Then, when it comes to selling headphones and monitors, the damage will have already been done, and sales will be poor. Therefore, I think that Eve should be keeping a low profile until they have done what is necessary to make their past customers happy.


I don’t want to see Eve devices in physical stores. I much prefer direct-to-consumer sales channels. This can provide devices at much lower prices than those found in retail stores and allow Eve to still make a healthy margin.


Hope you enter India with the pop up events concepts, but I will still prefer you selling products directly as it will surely keep the costs less.

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Why don’t you adopt the same format used from one plus? Temporary physic shops in big cities


I could see small/local/niche or temp shops being a viable option as long as you can keep middleman markups (distributors, sales reps, etc) from creeping into the equation. The best thing that Eve has going is that it can provide competitive products at way better prices than the big dogs. Keep Eve dynamic and focus on making support better.


Here in the UK I recently wanted to buy a new laptop for my wife to start her video editing career (so a V was out of the running) and the only physical shops I went to were John Lewis and Currys PC World. That said their prices weren’t great and their stock selection even worse. Like most people I suspect, we went to get a feel for what we wanted and then bought online.

What does this mean for eve? Personally I am torn because I love being able to feel and touch a product but I would buy online only for the better prices. So I like the idea of temporary pop up stalls in central locations to showcase eve’s products and if people want to buy then they buy online.

In the UK the number of traditional bricks n mortar retailers going out of business is scary! On the plus side this means empty high street units where an eve stall could pop up!


Phil is 100% correct. I just bought an Eve V through a Secret Sale, but I almost canceled my order based on ALL of the negative comments and reviews I saw from either backers who didn’t receive their units or folks with warranty issues that weren’t being addressed. It was a real leap of faith for me to let my order stand, so I could easily see all of this bad publicity hindering any future growth.


Hey @LouCap do let us know how you get on with your purchase to see how/ if things have improved. For example, how long it took to get your V

I can give you some of that info right now. I ordered on 11/5 and the V is due to arrive tomorrow, 11/21. It was delayed twice though, once because I asked if I could cancel my order (and the customer service folks stopped the shipment) and then it missed it’s UPS flight in Alaska…seriously. I will say this, the communication with customer service has been excellent. Quick responses,and very helpful. If my unit arrives undamaged with all of the accessories (magnetic case and extra pen tips), and has no hardware/software issues, I’ll score this as a win!

UPDATE: My Eve V arrived yesterday (11/21) as scheduled after the delay. The unpacking experience was great, and everything was in pristine condition. The one minor glitch is that the pen shipped without a battery in it. Fortunately, I had extras for my Surface pen, so no worries there.

After using it for a few hours, I have to say that it compares quite favorably to my Surface Pro 4, even taking notes with the pen in OneNote. Considering the price I paid, I’m quite happy with my purchase thus far.


Nice idea of pop up store. I think most sales generated from V is the initial stage of open sales. Generate more exposures through pop up stores in big malls, allow niche customers to purchase, then spread among local forums/ community


More importantly… exposure to local media (in a relatively low cost)


yeah that’s exactly what Eve needs.

Hey guys, excellent feedback so far on the post. @dibadibadu and @ToiletSheep ; the targets in Germany are especially useful, I would encourage everyone else who would like to contribute here in the same way to feel free to give similar suggestions for targets.

Now, while we are aware of the negatives surrounding orders from Fortress Tech @Phil , we are going full steam ahead and paving our own way. As such, we do not shy away from further online presence and as I am happy to read from @LouCap , the orders and customer service both are functioning at a level that we can be proud of, I count it as a win!

@Kee Regarding your post there, while I agree that the V may not be a “culture fit” to sell in your run of the mill brick & mortar store as you described there, other products in our pipeline might be - For instance, how would you feel being able to see our shiny Spectrum monitor clearly stand out from the others, yay or nay? It is true one of the things new potential customers demand from us is to be able to see the units in physical locations and this may not be only to touch & feel but rather also to have the validation that we are here to stay. That said, pop-up events are a definite goal for us during the next year for current and upcoming products.

@Smyler316 Right you are with the niche shops, as said at the start of the post core

@Ho_Yi_Lee Right you are with exposure to local media as well :).

I will continue to reply to all comments here so please feel free to bombard me with more info and/or questions!



Conrad HQ Holland is around the corner for me. Though a known name not really great for 2-in-1. Mostly used for (overpriced) components.

And while I agree that stuff like MediaMarkt / Saturn is a weird place for the V. Most non-techies I know go to those places to buy their stuff.


Selling your stuff in physical stores sounds good to me. Your product was to challenge the surface pro. that in mind makes it reasonable to sell your stuff at the same stores.