Eve Creator Toolkit

I had an idea for an addon for the V that plugs into the device via USB-C and has some assignable macros that work in various bits of creative software (Like Sketchbook, Photoshop and Lightroom)

It would be similar to pallette except hopefully more affordable, and instead of being modular everything would be built into a little pannel thing, with knobs, slides and various buttons designed to be mapped easily to the aforementioned software.

If it used TB3, it could also include display outputs and a USB hub on the back for other peripherals

Give me your thoughts!


Like this? :slight_smile:


That idea is awesome :+1: It should have small displays beneath some buttons you can configure like the Elgato Stream Deck


so artist can easily mapping the key like on wacom express key right? :smiley: this is my dream too… but, i dunno, this will come to reality or not :smiley:

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Sort of, but more geared towards video editing and other multimedia apps instead of just drawing, also I thought of making real use of the TB3 port by adding a USB hub and a display output on the back

The moment you throw displays into the mix that shit can get expensive, fast. My idea for this is to keep it as accessible as possible, but a more premium version could be interesting…

One solution: pray to the eve staff.

Yeah, pricing will be an issue. Making it accessible by lowering the price is a good idea, obviously, but then there will be professionals who want more. So indeed, a 2 device solution is probably the best idea.

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Yeah, or some kind of add-on unit

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Also, it would be made to fit on a desk, as opposed to something that would mount on the side of the unit, more like this, minus the track balls and a little smaller. I’ll try and do up a mock-up in CAD or something :slight_smile:

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