Eve community developers group

Hello. I was thinking about creating open developers group which will have real impact on the software improvements or developing some community ideas fr software projects for V (ex. Mentioned Eve V Control Center)

I belive there’s many software developers in the community which can be interested in the developing such ideas.

I understand that some improvements can’t be developed by community members due of NDA etc. But it would be cool if there could be some kind of software projects specific for the V or even open source ones that can work on any Windows device.

From my side I can offer my time to help building software for the V or Eve as company to improve sales or customer support.


This sounds great! It would be definitely awesome if community could help us with some of the development. We would provide as much needed support as possible!


I think this could potentially be a great way to really push the “created by us” thing to the next level.

I am a developer myself, most of my experience is with C# and JS, but I’m pretty language agnostic.


I’m (partially) a front-end developer, and as such probably won’t be able to provide as much in the developing department. My specialty in software UX and UI design might come in handy though.


I have some development experience, but I’m still a relative newby, having graduated college with a degree in Computer Science just 3 years ago. Honestly haven’t needed to do much in-depth programming since then, but I may be of some help.

I mostly know C++, HTML, and SQL. I’ve used Java, but not comfortable with it, and I’m in the process of learning C# at work right now.

I know I’m inexperienced, but I’ll do what I can. :relaxed:


I’m not the most experienced person in computer science, I’m not even a CS major in college now, but I’d love to help out. It’d teach me a thing or two, as well.

This sounds like a great idea and shouldn’t be very hard to implement (on the community side). If there’s interest we can easily set up a group and category for it here.


If community github is needed let us know :smiley:


I think Community GitHub would be great. I’ve also seen some power management stuff with net adapters etc. in other threads which could be shared via PowerShell scripts this way.


I’m an IT guy with focus on C#/.Net/Wpf and Angular web :slight_smile: I would be proud to join and help!


Created here :smiley:

PM me your emails and i can invite !


Great initiative!

I will surely help with my Computer Science and Software Development knowledge :smiley:


Great stuff! Wish I would know anything about coding :frowning:


That sounds like a great idea.

One does not actually need to be a developer in order to help and contribute.
Creating issues in case of bugs, write or maintain docs etc. are all things which oftentimes are overlooked but are crucial for the success of open source projects. In some sense we can see it here with Eve - most of us are not Hardware cracks with an electrical engineering background (e.g. me as a “softy” :)) but at this point I think we can be sure that we had an impact on the product although we never touched a PCB for a V :slightly_smiling_face:


From my point of view it doesn’t matter how you are experienced as developers I’m pretty sure there will plenty of work to contribute to. @Konstantinos I’ll try to write down contribution guide today. Also I’ll think how to organize ideas/workflow for software developers. My email is grimor.mc@gmail.com you can send invite there.


I am a high school senior right now with some experience in programming, I think that this would be a cool project. I mainly have worked with Java and I am currently taking a C++ course.


I’m a full time front end we developer with experience in HTML 5, CSS/Sass, JS/TS and many tools/frameworks for that world of development. Haven’t ever really done any local (C#, Java, Swift, etc) or server side development, but I also do a little of the UX/UI stuff @TristanSchaaf referred to. It is an important part of the dev process that is often overlooked.

Love the idea of the community github!!!


I’m a full-time software engineer with experience in C++, C#, .net, Azure, Python, and a sprinkling of past experience with Java and a few other “boutique” languages. I’m a back-end guy, but appreciate the front-end as well.

I’ll register for this when I am home and have the right address for my github account!


I suppose we will develop software in C#, C++ , C for some hardware configuration utility because only that will allow us communication between hardware components. Anyway, we can think of some kind of customer web portal which will allow users to contact support, maybe sync CalMAN color profile to be stored in the cloud and some other features, then web developers also would have palce to contribute.

My propsal is to think of some ideas and write that down somewhere. I’ll work on create a palce where all of that stuff can be posted and given to discuss within community developers group. But please don’t rush first we need to make a place where we can work together on that. Github organization is first step, but we have to keep that professional and organized. Thanks!