ETA on the LTE version?

Yesterday the LTE versions of Surface Pro 2017 leaked… and the prices are absolutely outrageous. I’m aware that it’s a premium brand, but the options out there aren’t great either.

Eve V LTE is sorely needed. When can we roughly expect it to happen? Early next year, 2019, 2020?


I’m not sure, if Eve has something up their sleeves right now. It would be very cool, but needs a major rework of the housing to allow for the LTE/GPS module to receive anything and I’m not sure, if it’s feasible, but I hope it is and will be done rather sooner than later for all the people who want it :slight_smile:

I think that right now Eve could focus on those newly released “Always Connected PC” which are based on ARM chipsets, have LTE connectivity built in and run Windows 10.

A version with Snapdragon 845 to be “shipped to backers” in 2018 would probably find some significant backing. In my humble opinion of course.