ETA for Picture-in-Picture support?

Hi eve team,

when are you going to release a firmware finally allowing PIP?

It was one of the features advertised in the spec early on, its a basic feature, for me its very important, after this long time the monitor is on the market, is the firmware really still in such a beta state that this feature cannot be released?

At least please provide and honest realistic timeline for the release of this feature so I can have piece of mind and use another device inbetween (hoping the spectrum will not be obsolete before the feature is released).

Many thanks

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Hi @moni-tor,

Sadly, picture in picture (PiP) has been confirmed to be impossible for ES07D03 during the development process. On the other hand, picture by picture (PbP), aka split-screen mode, is a planned feature that we are working on and will become available later via a firmware release.


This information is new to me.
PiP is a feature I’ve been waiting for as well.
EVE had announced that PiP would be implemented in the future.
I believed it and ordered the EVE Spectrum.
It’s unacceptable that they secretly withdrew it from the implementation schedule because it’s not possible.
This is something that should have been announced more widely. I’m very disappointed.

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Similarly, we are unhappy that this feature cannot land on ES07D03. Although this has been one of our targets during the specs & features stage, it, unfortunately, turns out impossible as we develop the firmware further. We’ve provided a complete list of planned OSD functions back in June, which was then followed by community digest and dedicated client newsletters.

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Dear development team,

When will the PBP, input from 2 different sources at the same time splitting the screen resolution in half, functionality be made available?

This feature is an absolute must-have.

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Hi @cyctech,

Glad you’re excited about this feature.

PBP will be made available in one of the upcoming fw updates. Our fw dev team were doing some tests for it but I don’t think it will be ready in time for v106.

I’m sorry that this is not the update you were looking for but please note that our team are working on this.

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