Essential for sale? Essential + Eve-Tech =?

Pretty sad to see this - really liked the Essential phone (and Home looked like it had potential too):

If they’re actively selling designs, people, and knowledge, maybe Eve-tech could snaffle up some?

The Essential Phone and Eve V have not-too-dissimilar design language, and it could make for an interesting collaborative setup mixing the two companies’ IP.



Perhaps its more worrying to see that Eve might end up the same way


Well the Essential wasn’t really a news. The phone was mediocre from the start, the camera was bust even after the last updates.

Also the price was way too high from the start and it dropped like 200dollars in the first month. Just because you are inventor of Android doesn’t really mean anything. The whole concept was based on Andy Rubins historical archivements, which they tried to capitalise.

the phone itself looked amazing though. Really wanted one, the camera put me off.
Kind of a shame that they ended up like this; I really like companies like them, and nokia, who take risks with their designs.

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