ES07D03, XBX, and Elgato 4kpro setup

So I got my new monitor and im trying to figure how how to set it up with my elgato 4kpro and xbox series x. Now I know the elgato does not support the 4K and 120hz option due to the lack of HDMI 2.1 but I should still be able to do 1440p @120 on my xobx but it wont let me for some reason and im not sure where I am going wrong with the setup for this and can use some guidence for this

Elgato settings

Using 4K60 Pro MK 2
Hdmi Color Range: Expand
Input EDID Mode: Internal
EDID(Internal) Default

I have that on my settings on Elgato 4k app then on the monitor settings put HDMI port mode on Compatibility also made sure both cables are HDMI 2.1(idk if it helps I did it to make sure it worked)

Hope this helps


yes this definitly helped. the one thing I guess I was not changing was the color range. Put your exact settings and now it is working fine. apprciate the help

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