ES07D03 Screen Issue

Hey all. Ive had my ES07D03 for about a year. Was doing some traveling and after setting my my computer. I noticed an issue with my screen.
It looks like some strange permanent ghosting. The monitor was properly put in its box during travel so im really confused how it happened. Is it something i can fix myself or am i about to go through a very painful exchange period?

Hi there,

Are you referring to the black-ish diagonal line?

It does look strange, by any chance did the monitor get exposed to high humidity area during storage? It is difficult to tell from here, but it might be the outer layer, which hopefully can go away with proper cleaning of the screen.

Hi Cas. I never put the monitor in storage. Just transported from one place to another in its packaging. And yes, the diagonal-ish line is permanent. Doesnt show well on darker colors thus the white bg.

Hey there,

Yeah sorry what I meant by storage is when you put it in the box for transport.

It is difficult for me to tell if it is indeed issue on the pixels or on the outer coating. Either way, can you please share with me your order number, so I can escalate it further.

Does the issue go away if lightly rub your finger over the surface? Maybe the anti glare coating is blistering? Try turning off the monitor and shining a flash light directly at the screen. Look for the same pattern.