ES07D03 Firmware a background irritation for Dough

I get the feeling all the OLED development work is the priority for DOUGH and the firmware improvements are now a pain which will diminish over time if ignored by them for long enough.
Reading between the lines, is it that the components chosen were not the best and the issues of blanking cannot be resolved for this monitor?
I would expect the OSD and colour space issues to be a relativiely quick fix, but nothing is announced, lack of resource or is the OLED monitor the only priority?

I only use my monitor for pleasure on the PS5 and general PC work (via DP) I have lived with the blanking between screen resolutions but never expected to have to for a relativily premium priced monitor.
I have sympathy for the users with much more severe issues which affect their livelyhoods using the monitor for work.
The picture quality is excellent but Dough if you want to continue trading you must maintain good support. I will not purchase again from a Company that has bursts of effort then nothing for months, yet I want to support smaller manufacturers who involve the community as Eve/Dough have done.