ES07D03 does not go to standby

I have two ES07D03 units in a dual monitor setup and have updated them to 104. Noticeable differences are reduced coil whine when using HDR (still too much for me, therefore not using HDR) and the screen not randomly flashing on/off every now and then. One thing is annoying though: Both monitors no longer go into standby when the pc tries to turn them off after being idle for a couple of minutes. The display turns black but the backlight does not turn off. This happens on both HDMI and DP connections. Is there any fix available for this?

spoke too soon, the screen still flickers when playing games.

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Hey, @tincannacnit - welcome to the community!

For the sleep issue - currently it seems that if you power off one the other goes to sleep (and it doesn’t matter which one you power off, actually). We’re currently looking into this and why it occurs with the fw dev team.

As for the flicker: can you detail your device type, and if it is a PC / laptop, the OS and GPU?