ES07D03 Black line showing up

Anyone else having this issue so far? There is a black line on the right side of my monitor after using it for 2 months thereabouts.

I have contacted support and I am awaiting their response. Looking at the recent posts in the community, I’m worried about 2 things and decided to come on the forum.

  1. How long is the whole replacement process going to take? I have noticed some others having contacted support about DOA issues. Because this is my only monitor and I rely on it for work from home and play. Considering the many posts about shipping delays, my concern is down time, will and can I get a replacement before sending this one back?
  2. Would I incur any shipping charges either way? This monitor is about 2 months old from the date I received it. I really don’t want to be dropping more cash on an already expensive brand new product which also took longer than expected to be delivered to me.

image0 (1)
image1 (1)

Above are the attached photos of my monitor. It seems minor on photos but when I do work on it, it becomes very annoyingly obvious.
Please contact me if there’s an active staffer on the forum.

@hysteroid Wow! That’s exactly what happened to my monitor! The position and color of the lines are a bit different but the defect is essentially the same! I hope they can either replace or refund us as soon as they can. I’m waiting for a reply too from them… We trusted them by pre-ordering this monitor. I hope they follow through with a satisfactory resolution for both of us.

Make sure you go to Eve’s Support Page to get a ticket started.

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Here’s a new update as of: 01/04/2022

Just got a reply from Kirill asking to provide the following infos. to better investigate my case:

  • Serial number
  • Firmware version
  • Input source
  • Device model name, PC and notebook configurations
  • Link to the device specs
  • Operating system
  • Graphics card driver version
  • Screen resolution and refresh rate

I have provided all the information that was asked above plus some more. Will wait for another reply.

I have the same issue only a horizontal line, really angry at the moment, only 3 months old

Hi @Ed86,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue with your Spectrum. You’ll need to get in touch with our support team so that we can help you further.

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@hysteroid / @Xellaz This exact thing is happening to my monitor as well!

I have already put in a support request and was curious how things ended up playing out on your end? I have the same concerns as @hysteroid since this monitor is critical to my day to day job. Appreciate any insight you might have!

Obligatory Images:
Defect in Windows
Defect in BIOS

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Well…now there is a pink line a few pixels away from the line that was already there. Not much movement on the support request…fingers crossed!

Have your problems been solved?

Now the same thing is happening to me and in the same place as @histeroide

Warranty page doesn’t work…

What did they tell you?