ES07D02 - Scaler/Firmware Support for >1440p Input

Greetings – this is a topic that I first brought up last January when I initially backed the Spectrum (I currently have orders in for both Model 3 and Model 2, and have since Jan '20, so I like to think I got in pretty darn close to the ground floor). I’ve been actively following and involved with the Eve community and the Spectrum’s ongoing development since then. Here’s a link to my original post highlighting this topic: The Big Update: Spectrum Unveiled! - #87 by Church

With manufacturing of the 240Hz Model 2 approaching (given the unfortunate delay), I’d like to ensure this topic is brought back up in visibility. There are several use cases, especially for both previous and next gen consoles, where it would be preferable to output a 4K signal to a 1440p panel. Aside from the visual benefits in effectively supersampling the output, there are technical scenarios where this might be advantageous or even necessary. The PS5, for instance, still does not have 1440p support – neither does the PS4 pro. Last gen consoles (specifically the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) can still deliver a solid 4K experience as well in the 30-60hz range. Outputting 1080p to upscale to 1440p will look like garbage – this is not a solution. 4K downsampling to 1440p is by no means perfect but it does impart a visual benefit over 1440p.

I have a 1440p@144hz monitor right now that DOES support this functionality – the Aorus AD27QD. I have hooked up both my Xbox One X and PS4 Pro to it, and noted tangible benefits in picture quality in sending a 4k@60hz signal to the monitor from either console.

The ask here is to evaluate the scaler’s support for inputting HIGHER resolutions than the panel can display to the 1440p@240hz Model 2 (and, by extension, the 1440p@144hz Model 1 as well). If the scaler can support it, then there should be firmware support/EDID advertisement implemented for 4K@60hz and 4K@120hz.

Including 144hz and 240hz support at 4K would likely not be necessary, as the primary use case for this feature would be for consoles, and even next gen consoles cannot output at those resolutions.


Hey, @Church!

Based on our current knowledge, it is likely for ES07D02 to support 4K input at 60Hz and 120Hz. Through both your comments, we recognize how this feature can improve the user experience of PS5, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X console gamers. Therefore, we’ll do our best to deliver this function on ES07D02, and if possible, ES07D01.


Awesome to hear! I’m glad I communicated use cases and need well.

Look forward to hearing more when production of Models 2 and 1 enters full swing.