Error in Sign in Options

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When setting up the sign in, under the Sign in Options under the Require Sign in I have an error message in red " Windows Hello is preventing some options from being shown" and the Everytime option is greyed out and cannot be changed?

Anybody having this issue? Is the camera driver which causes this problem?

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Just to confirm, have you set up Windows Hello (logging in using the fingerprint scanner)? If so, this is expected behaviour.

Yes I have, but I am not using it as the system is far from perfect. So the solution is to delete the fingerprints to activate the greyed out item?


Really? I’m surprised. I was under the impression that was the best received part of the V. Much better than unlock with face.


Yeah, somehow it just does not seem to recognize the fingerprint and I keep moving my finger up and down. Had same issue when registering initally

i’m pretty sure that’s because you’ve been diddling the volume rocker instead of the scanner by accident.

:wink: :-)… No… come on… by the way should I delete the fingerprint thing… But before I do that I will give it another shot

My fingerprint sign-in works better than iPhone 6s one …


Well, never had any issues with Iphone 6s, so … lets leave it at that for now. :grinning:. Thank you for your help, at least now I know why.

huh? what did you figure out? i’m confused lol.

I notice nobody directly answered this, but yes - remove the prints and it will unlock that option

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There is no camera for face recognition in the V…

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You are sure it is not a too complicated fingerprint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::zipper_mouth_face: