Eric's V Review [Might contain spoilers]

My V arrived earlier in the day and I had a chance to go home on my lunch break and set it up before using it during some of my afternoon meetings and here are my impressions so far.

Boxing: It was very nicely packed and nothing was missing or broken. The Eve packaging is very nice and well done.

Construction: The black aluminum body is very sleek and very nice looking; lifting up the V for the first time I was surprised at the heft especially when you add the keyboard with it. It feels lighter than the Yoga 3 14" that I usually pack around the office but I was still expecting a little less weight. The kickstand isn’t too hard or easy to open, it is well balanced and the hinges feel very sturdy. I have seen some users say the Type C ports felt loose but I didn’t notice any of that while charging the V. The power button is a little hard to find at first but I’m getting used to it and I like the fingerprint sensor.

Screen: She is a beauty. The screen on my Yoga is awful with the glare and isn’t very bright but the V’s screen has fantastic color and even on its dimmest settings it is still plenty bright even in under the fluorescent lights at my work. Eve made a great choice in the screen.

Keyboard: I am so far very pleased with the feel of the keys and haven’t noticed any that are sticky or unresponsive. They keys have a pleasant travel and feel for a portable keyboard. Not sure how I feel about the Alcantara fabric, it does seem to attract dust and it shows and I’ve found myself wiping it off every time I pick it up. I haven’t used the Bluetooth functionality on the keyboard but I’m confident it will be useful when I finally use it. The backlighting on the keys is probably the most underwhelming part of the keyboard but I’m not a fan of all the RGB craze with computers these days.

Boot experience: The V booted up lightning quick and the splash screen is nice touch with the Eve branding. I do like that I don’t have to deal with any bloat ware so that is a big plus. I have the i7 with 16gb of RAM and have found it is responds well to my needs. Cinebench scores aren’t amazing but I didn’t expect them to be but it handles Atom, Visual Studio, Xampp and the few other programs I need on go very well.

Sound: Disclaimer I installed the new audio drivers so I can’t say what the sound was like before but even after the update it is meh. At low levels it doesn’t sound too bad but as you get louder the sound quality is distorted. Sound through the headphone jack was much better and probably how I would listen anyways.

Accessories: Didn’t use the stylus too much but it seemed pretty nice. Probably the biggest annoyance was the zipper on the sleeve I got with the V broke upon the first time unzipping it. The way the zipper seems to be attached is not the best.

Conclusions so far: I am very happy with the V and @Team did a good job designing the V. I wasn’t part of the early design phase and only found out about it after it was in the prototype stage but I feel like the V is still well worth the money I paid for it. I know for some the delays and the processor make them feel like they lost money but I don’t share that feeling. Yes if I was only chasing the latest specs and hardware I would have that feeling but then every device I ever purchased would be a let down since a newer and better something is always around the corner. I would have never bought a Surface but I am happy I got the V.


Glad to hear that you are enjoying your V so far. Be sure to contact our support team about the sleeve, and we’ll see what we can do for you to fix it!