Emails Spectrum confirming invitation without having ordered Spectrum

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Hi there, Did anybody else who had ordered a V2, got emails to pay their Spectrum Order (without having ordered one)?
I got 2 emails yesterday with subject line: “Confirm your Spectrum (payment reminder)”
; and I got an email also (invitation to confirm&pay Spectrum! order) when it was time to pay the rest for the V, so about a year ago or so.

I replied to one of them AND I wrote to Support. Just checking if it happened to others.

Hey @adt

Our team has been made aware of this situation and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. A code change that went live yesterday sent out these emails in error so please ignore these emails! We have another post on this topic where you can read how are community reporter explained it. Double balance payment for 2019-V? - #8



ok I did not see the others talking about it.
Could someone please delete this topic? Apparently I don’t have permission.
And, as an aside, please create a category “V2 general discussion”, seems there is nothing like that.

Hi @adt,

Thanks for the suggestion! Closing topic…

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