Email client suggestions

Can anybody recommend good (free) alternative email clients to outlook and thunderbird

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I quite like eM Client, used it for a while before I got Outlook again.

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I was using Opera mail for some time and was quite good. But now went back to GMail browser client :slight_smile:

Gmail works well for me

I’m using Opera Mail at the moment. I used Nylas before they released the free version, maybe you should give that one a try as well.

Yahoo works fine for me, but I can’t recommend it after all the leaks…

I’ve been using MailBird for over a year and have nothing to complain about. It has a free and logical version one paid with more exclusive features. Highly recommend.


Thnks, tried mail bird, but limited to 2 accounts I need to service 6 email accounts, will give eM a go


Nylas looks pretty nifty too

I use in browser since I my main email outlook is with MS and I have my other email forwarded (Gmail, etc). II’ve tried others but I use Mail app on Win10 and Outlook app on iOS and Android.

I think the default Windows Mail app is decent, and it’s very touch-friendly. That matters if you’re going to use it with your V :slight_smile: